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4 Moving Day Disasters to Avoid from movingsolution2018's blog

Are you willing to move from your current locality to another area this month? If yes then congratulations! To lead a successful move, make sure that you plan everything properly and in advance. Take account of every task with precision and perfection, it will help you move smoothly.


Here is the list of the 5 moving day disasters that you need to avoid during your moving:

Stuck With a Fraud Packer and Mover

If you do not do proper research about the packers and movers company you are going to move with, you might end up being scammed by the company. To avoid find yourself in this situation do proper homework, to test the credibility of a company make sure to check the license or registration of the company.


Get Broken and Damaged Goods

After a long move finally your goods have reached at your door but problem with them is that you have received them broken. The major reason of it is the poor packing. To avoid it you are advised to pack your goods properly so that they can sustain the vibrations of the moving process. Try to use telescope boxes for the fragile items like TV, artworks and mirrors etc. Use foam, packing paper and bubble wraps to wrap the breakables. Place heavy items in small boxes so that the chances of breakage of the box and the goods are less. 


Not Being Able to Move the Goods through the Doors

It is the moving day, everything is packed properly but when you begin to move the goods you find that some of them are not able to pass through the doorways. To avoid being stuck in such situations measure the large-sized goods and the doorways. If you have an over sized object then try to disassemble its parts and then try to move it through that space.


Mover Refuses to Transport Your Goods

You have packed all your goods and the mover reaches your destination but at end moment he refuses to transport the goods. Reason behind; your goods are non-allowable; it is a major disappointment for you. These non-allowable are hazardous chemicals, nail polish and fertilizers, some companies have special skills and license to move them. Therefor to avoid finding yourself in such a situation make sure that you ask the company in advance about their list of non-allowable.


About Author: Ekta is an expert business analyst. She has written for several online journals. Currently she is rendering her services to Moving Solutions that is offering services for packers and movers in Hyderabad charges & packers and movers in Mumbai charges.

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