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But what I mean is cheap classic wow gold from Linmeizou's blog

You have to fill out a form when you deposit 10k of money at a bank, but as long as its under, they don't make you. They probably have the wow classic gold exact same system. Simply exchange at 50k increments every single day and no warning signs will probably go off. Thieves and bots consistently do the whole large amountWhen they aren't, it might raise a flag on blizzard's end, but if everything is still coming from the same IP address there wouldn't be a problem there.

Uhm...I guess there is no"safe" alternative...I mean trading gold is totally untrue no matter if it's per mail or character to personality trade. . .but depending on how much you really exchange there is always the danger that the system or whatever they must find such things judges you as bot or illegal thing. . .so either just try it and wait if anything happend or go the safe way and produce a ticket before you trade it over so you have evidence that it's really your gold.

Simply open the aid tab ingame and click on open a ticket and then clarify the circumstance. . .it's not mandatory but what I mean is cheap classic wow gold that IF there is a system which thinks your trade is somehow suspicious (buyed with real life money, botting etc.) then it would be easier to get the"okay" of this support before it happens otherwise it could take longer until they can remove the sanctions because they have to check it first.

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