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Lane beats will be the #1 thing that destroys most players' experience from Weismart's blog

Make standing dunk as powerful as dunk and NBA 2K21 MT individual contact dunks as powerful as driving contact dunks. Increase the rating for man contact dunks from 75 to 85 and quit letting every man build them. Big individual contact dunks mean next to nothing, since all facilities may get it. A pure reddish center should not have 99 standing dunk. A shooting glock shouldn't get individual contact dunks. There ought to be a offensive gap between offensive and defensive centers. Get blocks and losing the ball on pump fakes. Fix putbacks. Fix post hooks. Redo the interior.

Lane beats will be the #1 thing that destroys most players' experience. One of the biggest problems is that you spam while remaining in precisely the exact same spot, steal. Lane steals that are passing ought to be a gamble. By pressing steal in the wrong time, you should be taken from place like pressing block does. A failed sneak attempt should result in an open person. 

For non defensive builds for death lane steals Additionally, it is too simple.NBA 2K21 just frustrates me as I left a Dennis Rodman build with extremely high defense and 30 defensive badges and dudes will still green in my eyes even when I have a contest on it. I feel screens will need to be worked with. I should not be hauled into displays and possess an elite get two feet of separation. 

In addition, I think they should make shooting as builds with 75 3pt should not have the capacity to shoot 7 from deep even when they mastered their own jumper. Shooting needs to become even. If u have a high rating you should be able to green but no one should legit be shooting 60 percent or higher when no in the league can even shoot that high of Buy MT 2K21 a percentage.

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By Weismart
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