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Especially if you are a steak aficionado who loves digging into nicely grilled pieces of steak every now and then, then London is the place to be for all good reasons. Right from the old steakhouses that still serve Steak preparations in the most traditional way, to the new steak restaurants dishing out the latest steak dishes for their guests in the city, you will not find any dearth of good quality steak destinations to enjoy a great steak out with friends on a weekend.

However, the problem with having too many options is that you are sometimes stuck for choice. And especially if it is a special occasion that you are planning a steak out for, then this problem of choice could really cause you serious headache at times. In such a scenario, it will be very hard for you to decide a destination that you would want to go to for enjoying a special steak out. Though a Google search could prove pretty useful in this matter, but it would still not point you towards a single steak destination that would be most apt for your special occasion.      

But if you really want to avoid all this botheration, your best bet will be to go to a place that not only offers you the finest steak delicacies, but a great ambience as well while you are enjoying your favorite steak meals. And for that, you might want to look at heading to Heliot steak house, which is one of the finest steak houses located near Leicester square. To know more about this amazing steak destination in London, you should also refer to the Infographic provided underneath on “Heliot Steak house”. This will give you all the information you need to know about this great steak destination in London.


If you are in a mood to try the best steak in London tonight, head to Heliot Steak House at The Hippodrome Casino. This is a must-visit place for anyone who loves a good steak. If you want reasons, here are a few:

Best steak: It was adjudged the Best Steak Restaurant of the city by customers of Booktable, Europe’s biggest online restaurant booking service. The reason is of course, the superior quality of the steak. It boasts of USDA prime steaks that are aged for 4-6 weeks to develop their full flavour and tenderness. You can choose from a selection of toppings that include truffle, roast bone marrow and lobster tail. Alternatively, you can also choose from the classic eight sauces.

Varied menu: If steak is not your thing, worry not. The menu, created by award winning chef Ionnis Grammenos, has plenty for everyone.

The venue:The atmosphere is also part of the charm here. The 150-seat Heliot Steak House overlooks the main casino gaming floor at The Hippodrome Casino, bringing with it that extra dash of glamour! You can enjoy a drink from any of the six bars scattered throughout The Hippodrome, including the centrally located Heliot Cocktail Bar.

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