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Binding Financial Agreement

The Australian Family Lawyers Gold Coast courts are overwhelmed with a huge backlog of cases that it is better to look for an out of court settlement wherever possible. 

Under the scenario, these numbers are unlikely to come down. This is the reason why the family lawyersin Gold Coast and in other parts of Australia are promoting negotiations over filing in the court. 

One of the most common cases in the court is child custody or finding an amicable parenting plan between the separating partners. This leads to the matter of understanding the difference between a consent order and a parenting plan.  

Negotiations, consent orders, and parenting plan

Whether it is the consent order or parenting plan, the primary step involves negotiations between the parties concerned. The end result of either of these is that the parents have come to a conclusion on the parenting arrangement for their children. 

The only thing that differentiates between these two is that the consent order, as the name suggests, is a legally bound agreement approved by the court. On the other hand, the parenting plan is just a mutually agreed, documented, and signed agreement between the parents after seeking legal advice under family law.  

Consent Orders

As mentioned, a consent order is the agreed and court-approved document that enforces the legal rights of each parent over the minor concerned. Although it is legally bound, the parents need not place a formal application in the court.

It is just an informal agreement that has legal validity that could be used as a valid document in the court later if needed.  Even though there need not be an application for the same, consent orders come with a fee that needs to be paid to the court. This could be done in Gold Coast through any family law solicitor. 

Parenting Plan

This is also an informal agreement between the parents regarding child support and management but it does not have a legal stamp to it. A parenting plan is just a way to ascertain the arrangements that are agreed upon by both parties. 

It is valid for as long as both parties are agreeable, without any legal binding. A change or breach in the terms is neither legally questioned nor enforced by anyone. In order to make any changes, they will have to re-negotiate and come to an understanding once again.

Which is the best option?

A parenting agreement is not something that is one-size-fits-all. It differs from case to case. If the parties concerned are on agreeable terms, then a simple parenting plan should be sufficient. If one of the parties is volatile, it is better to have legal backing so that there is a breach and the parties are accountable. So the free family law advice is to seek legal opinion and proceed carefully. 

Visiting the Advance Family Law online portal at Advancefamilylaw.com will give a general idea of what types of legal assistance that they provide. They handle all aspects of Logan Family Lawyers and disputes. 


Taking divorce and finalizing it often involves a sort of heating decision where lots of things get on stake. Moreover, all these things can be prevented if you look for Free Family Law Advice who will understand your relationship and suggest ways as how to file the divorce and at what time. After considering their recommendation, you will be able to finalise your decision and proceed ahead for further procedures. Along with that, they will resolve all the complexities and help you in getting rid of all the social stigmas. As a result, you must connect with a professional lawyer who will understand the subject manner with a desirable solution. Here we have discussed some of the essential requirements of hiring a divorce lawyer.

When parties are located in different geographical locations

Hiring a divorce lawyer is very much important when both parties are located at different places. As a result, it is the fact that laws often vary as per the change in country or state. You must have complete awareness about the same before proceeding ahead for divorce. Along with that, it would be easy and convenient if you work with a professional Logan Divorce Lawyers who possess a license and certificate that signifies knowledge in law practice. They will help you in guiding laws and regulations so that you can easily free out of all the legal procedures. They will work with the utmost dedication and planning so you do not have to worry about the process.

When there arises an issue for child custody during divorce

Whenever they come to divorce, a big issue of child custody often takes place. Here the problem begins with who will take the custody of the child and as a result, to get some technical and legal support you need to contact Logan Family Lawyers who will go deep into the subject matter and understand the case. They will develop various instances so that the judge gives custody into your hand without any kind of additional hassle. They will go for search and study for the past activities, family background and also to collect respective evidence and proofs to win the case and get the custody of your child while taking a divorce.

When the division of asset is important in proceeding for divorce

A professional involvement of Family Lawyers Gold Coast matters the most when it comes to the division of an asset and alimony granting. Here they will understand the case and simultaneously look after Parenting Arrangements, Property Settlements, Domestic Violence, and many others at the client’s request. Therefore, you can go for a background check and get the best lawyer for your requirement who can emotionally and legally support you to find against all the odd statements given by the opposite party. They will give professional consultation about your relationships that will surely clear your pathway.They will surely get your work done efficiently.


Family law services come with various legal formalities and legislation that becomes very much prominent to attempt for. As a result, you need to seek for Family Law Solicitor Gold Coast, who will personally look into the matter and develop various solutions to clear the case. Along with that, they will ensure safety and procedure to all your belongings and property. Therefore, you need to connect with a professional and most reputed family law specialist who will significantly manage your case and favorable deal with it. This will help you to develop inferences about the family law specialist. Here we have discussed about the reasons as why family law services are essential.

They have extensive knowledge about family cases

One of the significant benefit of hiring a family law specialists is that they possess good understanding and knowledge about the family cases. They know well as how to proceed ahead by submitting all the essential documents and evidences. Along with that, they work with planning and ensure that no evidence gets missed that can have negative impact upon your case. As a result, you can look for Family Lawyers Gold Coast who possess an extensive knowledge about the family cases and can effectively present your case with strong proof and evidence. You can use your referral and sought their opinion regarding any lawyer so that you can select the best one for all your needs and requirement at its best for significant impact.

They will increase the possibility of winning the case

A Professional free family law advice is the one that patiently listen to your concern and significantly help in resolving the case. They must contribute prominently in finding the best evidences that favours your case and help in winning. They strictly follow all the legal practices and as a result they understand the legitimate claims made. You can search online in order to get reliable family lawyer who provides you with Family Law Advice so that the process of settlement of case becomes very much easy and convenient. Through that, you will ensure relaxation and comfortability at its best wherein they take up your responsibilities and effectively abide by it without any kind of additional hassle.

They help in providing justice to your case

If you lose a family case that too by staying on the right side, it can have really severe significances. Along with that, a wrong or imperfect lawyer can make you lose the case due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. As a result, you must look for a professional and highly knowledgeable family lawyer who leaves no stone unturned in winning the case by presenting an uncommon clauses and evidences. You can visit their website in order to determine the testimonials and reviews of past clients so that you can attain more trust and reliability in connecting them.

Therefore you can contact Advance Family Law now to get a professional family lawyer.


With an influx of professional representation within the Gold coast area, it is now pretty much easier to get legal support in the case of marital separation or divorce. Typically, it has been noticed that most people typically like to get their own personal divorce settled through the preparation and subsequent filing of the divorce application and they subsequently show up at the hearing for the divorce. This allows them to concentrate all the financial resources they have towards matters of settlement pertaining to property, parenting or domestic violence.

The proper time to seek the assistance of divorce lawyers in Gold Coast

Naturally, there are some special circumstances in which people are advised to get the assistance of professional divorce law Gold Coast. Typically, these circumstances I Clyde, but may not be limited to, situations where these married people have been able to live separately in the same house for a time period, or they have stayed married for a time duration which is not up to two years, and thus they are in need of special counseling before making a divorce application or in a scenario where the whereabouts of the previous spouse is not known for any available reason.

What to do when seeking divorce with children below 18 years old.

When you are looking for a divorce, that is typically not a combined application between you and your spouse, and you are with children who are legally below the age of 18, naturally by law, you, the applicant have to show up before a court of law to report if the married parties have made appropriate arrangements on the parenting of their children, making sure that the best interests of their children, which is not typically, that of their parents, are considered properly.

Criteria for the application for divorce

Typically, the divorce law in Gold coast states that before an applicant is qualified to apply for a divorce through any court of law within the jurisdiction, the applicant ought to have been separated from their spouse for a minimum period of 12 months. Why it is legal to get your divorce settled for settling any matters related to property and entitlements, there is typically a time limit of 12 months following the granting of a divorce in which the application for spousal maintenance or property settlement is still valid.

Other similar services still offer by Brisbane Divorce Lawyers

While these professional lawyers could actually help you get a successful divorce resolution, other legal services still offered by them Include parenting arrangements, whereby the children of parents who are gone through a successful divorce dispute are considered and plans are made for their welfare. Cases involving domestic violence are also amicably handled by the lawyers ensuring that the rights of clients are protected at all times. There are the services of dispute resolution, child abduction, binding financial agreements, cases involving child support, grandparent rights, pet agreements as well as consent orders.

When looking for the best divorce lawyers on the Gold coast, you should think Advance family law, https://advancefamilylaw.com. As professionals, they can handle any one of your family's legal issues and make sure that you get a suitable outcome. They are professionals with several years of rich experience in the legal terrain of Brisbane./>re">

Getting a family lawyer for property settlements and entitlements

When you get a family lawyer to handle your case with regards to providing advice in matters pertaining to property settlement you get a full legal representation until the case gets settled amicably and fairly. Typically, people who can be fully represented in this scenario are parties to a marriage or any party to a normal de facto filial relationship.

Practically, these legal solicitors can handle such issues about the division of assets among the rightful parties to a marriage as well as parties involved in a family.

Superannuation splitting is still a service that can be handled by the Brisbane family lawyers. Also, they can also handle issues pertaining to family trusts. While every other issue such as preservation of a client's assets is services that are also offered.  Additionally, legal issues involving business and company interests are also handled by these legal experts in home issues and challenges.

Navigating your way through the family legal process.

Why these family lawyers provide you with reassuring advice, they are also capable of helping you navigate through the entire rigmarole of the family legal process. Typically, you will get full support and direction whether you are in need of advice as regards the entitlements that you deserve before you approach your former spouse and directly negotiate with them. 

Or alternatively, it could be that you have got a settlement order pertaining to a distribution of the property settlement and you consequently need help in making such an agreement formal through the preparation of a binding financial agreement or a consent order.

Or it could be that you need a partial property settlement sharing in order to be able to pay doe your daily living expenses or to take care of your legal fees.

Lawyers for property settlements in Gold Coast

As Gold coast-based legal a solicitor, clients can get all the help that they need in negotiating with their former spouses on their behalf which includes legal representation and support during mediation. Or alternatively, in the case that your previous spouse failed to cooperate, you could get all the help that you need in initiating a court proceeding against your previous spouse.

As it us their nature, property settlements often look complicated much more than they first appear since there are no two similar relationships.

Get legal advice for any aspect of property settlements.

If you are in need of legal advice with regards to any property settlement, you need a lawyer who would formalize any agreement that you may have reached with your previous spouse. In order to peacefully, resolve the issues and know your legal position, you could call a property settlement lawyer and free family law advice. As an experienced set of lawyers, you are sure to get professional advice and one that is practical in getting what you deserve in a settlement case.

If you are in need of property settlement lawyers in Gold Coast, advancefamilylaw.com are among the best legal experts anyone can get in the Gold coast and Logan areas of Australia.

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