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Most enthusiastic golfers have, at some moment, considered having a putting green of the own to practice on so that they can work in their Putting Practice when they aren't out on the golf course. Since almost half a golfer's strokes in a typical golf game are expended in setting it is logical to attempt to improve this part of play as much as possible.

An indoor putting green gives you a convenient and inexpensive method to work on your game whenever you aren't out on the links. Additionally, it provides you something to do on their lunch break besides chow down another hamburger!

The array of choices can seem overwhelming but it really breaks down to some basic considerations. First, you need to consider where you will put it. Would you like it for your own office or home or both? If for the home, Best Putting Mats which area: living, family, rear deck, basement? Making this decision up front will dictate the dimensions and shape of the putting green.

The second question you need to answer: will the putting green be a permanent fixture or do you wish to have the ability to put away it sometimes to make room for different activities? If the former, consider having it professionally installed as this can give you someone to return to if there are problems. Many manufacturers offer professional installation as an alternative. When the green will be placed away then it definitely needs to be mobile to a degree - either it can be rolled up, folded or just popped out of the way.

If you are really attempting to up your game consider getting a unit with adjustable breaks to vary the level of play. Additionally, some putting greens comprise fringe turf which not just increases the realistic appearance but also gives you an area to practice. Some smaller units offer a separate, smaller chipping mat for this purpose.

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By Thresa Reagor
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