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The modern-day ubiquity and availability of aluminium cannot be understated. It is everywhere and surrounds all of us. It is by a sizable margin the most abundant metal which is also naturally occurring – found on the crust of the Earth. Aluminium is such a vital metal in our daily lives that has become an essential part of it. Virtually every person in the world uses a form of aluminium in their day-to-day lives. Aluminium suppliers are a critical component in this journey to bolster modern-day mobility, increasing sustainability and propelling our economies. It is of note that there are many prominent aluminium suppliers in South Africa. (Information Credit – https://eurosteel.co.za)


Here Is Why You Should Be Using More Aluminium in Your Daily Lives:


1.    It is highly resistant of corrosion– When the oxygen present in the atmosphere comes into contact with aluminium, a thick oxide layering is formed on the surface of the aluminium. This layer will intrinsically reform when it gets damaged and protects the precious metal underneath it from corrosion. The surface protection of aluminium can be further improved by the process of anodization. This is the property of the material which contributes to the long service life of aluminium.



2.    Aluminium is sturdy and extremely light– The density of aluminium is extremely low. It is estimated that the density of aluminium is only a third of the density of steel. This property of aluminium explains aluminium’s characterisation of it as a “light metal”. Despite its low density, aluminium is extremely high in strength. This property of aluminium is utilised in the automobile industry. Aluminium is also characterised by its low weight and sturdiness.



3.    Aluminium is highly conductive of electricity– The material properties of aluminium remain unaltered from extremely low i.e. – 80 C to extremely high i.e. +150 C temperatures. The ability to withstanding extremely low and high temperatures is done without any negative effects on the fundamental properties of aluminium. Ironically, in an extremely cold weather, it becomes even tougher and harder.



4.    Aluminium products can be recycled easily– Aluminium by-products can be easily recycled. It is of note that aluminium products are extremely sturdy, durable and with a long-lasting tenure of usability.

Although extracting the aluminium metal can be an energy-intensive process, used aluminium, on the other hand, can be without any difficulty melted and recycled. Additionally, the recycled aluminium is of the same or higher quality than the extracted one.



5.    Aluminium is vapour-proof– Moisture is unable to reach the aluminium metal even if it is stored for a very long time. When aluminium is welded, it can be made impermeable against water vapour. This property enables it to protect the goods inside against possible humidity or sprays of water.

In conclusion, it can be stated that aluminium is an extremely versatile and useful metal. It’s multiple uses act as a testament to its ubiquity. It is of note that aluminium is vapour-proof, can be recycled easily and is highly conductive. Furthermore, there are many aluminium suppliers in South Africa.

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