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Vessel at Hudson Yards photo policy sparks online criticism from freemexy's blog

If you're tempted to snap some pictures or video atop the Vessel in New York's Hudson Yards, be prepared to hand over your rights to them. To get more technology news, you can visit shine news official website. The massive structure, which opened late last week, consists of 154 interconnecting staircases. It stands in Hudson Yards, Manhattan's new development featuring shopping, dining and outdoor areas.
People online are already criticizing the Vessel's photo policy, which says Hudson Yards can use any pictures, audio or video visitors create or upload showing the structure. Visitors also have to agree that any photos, video and audio taken of them at the Vessel become the company's property. "As the owner of the Recordings, Company has the unconditional, irrevocable right (exercisable by Company or by third parties on Company's behalf) to reproduce, display and use the Recordings, including for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes, in all media and formats, whether now known or later developed," the terms and conditions read.
That (as well as the Vessel's shawarma-like appearance) didn't sit well with many people on Twitter. "The Vessel at Hudson Yards is a strong hustle. 'Stairs to nowhere' that are Instagram-ready and own the rights to any photos you take of it. Bag secured," one user wrote."Anyone planning to go to the Vessel at Hudson Yards, please click on the link and read clause 9 of the terms and conditions," photojournalist Gary Hershorn wrote on Twitter. "They are doing an unbelievable rights grab on all social media posts.
 They shouldn't be allowed to steal and own your work." Hershorn also posted a warning on Reddit, cautioning visitors from posting on social media. "Heck, if I'm reading that correctly if you walk by and some random stranger snaps a photo of you that gives the Company rights to use your likeness," one user responded. "I'm not sure of the legality of what they're saying, but apparently if you post a photo you took of the Vessel... or including the vessel... you give what essentially is potentially every company ever the right to use your name / likeness / whatever for any purpose," another Redditor wrote.

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