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STRESSES ON THE WORKPLACE from amritaspa's blog

If we define stress as the reaction of a psychosomatic nature to an event that we have considered dangerous or overwhelming, we can safely conclude that there is no person who has not met with him in life. The "triggers" of stress differ from person to person and are subject to subjective perception.

Ten years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared workplace stress worldwide a epidemic, and according to data collected in the European Union, 22% of employees feel stress at work. Nowadays, every job is stressful, no matter what position we are and how much responsibility we carry, because the experience of stress does not depend on the type of work, but on the way we are dealing with it. Factors that influence how we perceive stress include our beliefs, expectations, the ability to control, the level of self-confidence, the level of self-esteem, the satisfaction of other people, perfectionism and personality.

Increased stress is associated with the pathogenesis of numerous clinical conditions, such as increased blood pressure, decline in immune function, cardiovascular diseases, and pathopsychological conditions such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and low self-esteem. All of the above leads to a decrease in work efficiency and an increase in the number of absences from the workplace, while at the same time reducing the satisfaction of both employees and employers.
The application of certain relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, massage and active or manual stretching, greatly help overcome stress.

The purpose is to encourage proper breathing, because most people do not use the full capacity of the lungs due to stress and poor posture, and breathe superficial and shallow. Proper breathing calms, relaxes, supplies the body with enough oxygen, positively affects the heartbeat system, and reduces stress.
The purpose is to reduce stress in muscles caused by stress. Stretching exercises are enhanced by the parts of the body in which they work and psychological and physical relaxation is achieved.

In Our Massage Center you can find activities that best match the affinities of your employees. Sports activities and relaxation methods light up the hormones that make us more calmer, relaxed and happier. How stress will no longer be in a better fit than you, return it to activities that will stimulate positive changes in your body and mind.


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