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Let the Diamonds Speak from caitlynwilliams's blog

Diamonds are known be a girl’s best friend and why not? It is beautiful and elegant piece of stone that is stunning and mesmerizes everyone. It has been known to be a symbol for eternal love. So, why not own an elegant diamond jewellery

Different forms of diamonds

There are different forms of diamonds that you can choose from. 

• Some diamonds are round and are quite in demand. They are classic gemstones and are also elegant.

• You can also choose a modern square cut diamond. It has a different look and style.

• A marquise is a form of diamond that was used by King Louise of Paris in 18th century. 

• A pear shape diamond looks a teardrop with one pointed corner and other side is rounded.

• Another form of diamond is in the shape of triangular. It is fashioned as a center stone. 

• Heart shaped diamond also a beautiful stone to wear on your finger as it is romantic and stylish.

• Another unique design is a square or rectangular shaped diamond cut with rounded corners. 

• You can also choose to have an Asscher which is also known as “Hall of Mirrors” which has optical illusions. 

• An emerald is one of the most common shapes used in diamond jewelry. It has smooth surface and has good clarity. 

How to choose a perfect diamond

While buying a diamond you need to evaluate a diamond.

• Check the color of the diamond. A diamond which is colorless has a great value and attractiveness. 

• The cut is equally important to have a perfect diamond. If the cut is fine, then it is brighter and appeals to the eye.

• The clarity of a diamond depends on the base that is being used to create an elegant diamond jewelry. 

• The price of a diamond depends on its weight. 

Most expensive diamonds

Not all diamonds come in affordable prices. Some of them are very expensive. The De Beers Centenary Diamond is one of the most the expensive diamond with an approximate price of $650 million. Then comes the Hope Diamond which is large and costs about $350 million. The Steinmetz Pink or Vivid Pink diamond comes at a price of $25 million. With a remarkable color and clarity, The Wittelsbach Diamond comes at a price of $16.4 mil-lion. The Heart of Eternity is a rare colored diamond which is around $16 million.

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