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Tungsten Cons - The Disadvantages of Tungsten from freemexy's blog

Although tungsten is a durable and affordable metal, there are some obvious disadvantages in having tungsten jewelry.4mm Tungsten Rings
Resizing Tungsten

Your fingers do not remain the same size as the years pass by. They will change and your ring will have to change with them. Because tungsten rings cannot be resized, you will have to change the ring altogether.

While this is a practical and affordable step to take, for some it undermines the purpose of a wedding ring as a symbol of love and long-term commitment. There is an emotional tug if you have to get rid of the ring you exchanged on your wedding day, no matter the reason. If it’s any consolation, some vendors often provide a lifetime warranty where they will provide you with a ring that fits.
Tungsten Scratches

Hardness in metal is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, your tungsten jewelry doesn’t get scratched easily. But on the other hand, it does the scratching. Tungsten is extremely hard, ranking at about 8 to 9 on the Mohs scale.

How does this affect?

It means that your tungsten ring can scratch and scuff every object that it comes into contact with, if it is harder than it. Some people find that household objects such as fridge handles and glasses get scratched as it comes into contact with their ring.
Tungsten Shatters

Because tungsten carbide is so hard and brittle, it does not bend or lose shape. Instead, it can crack or shatter if dealt an extremely hard blow, much like a diamond.

If your ring is exposed to rough wear and knocks, there is the likelihood that it will crack and come apart. A reputable vendor should offer a lifetime warranty in case of breakage and replace your tungsten ring.
Tungsten is not Valuable

Tungsten is not a precious metal and does not have the prestige or value that gold, silver or platinum have. It is considered a cheap metal. Most people like to have their wedding bands made of precious metals to attach more value to it. Also, it is a fairly recent addition to wedding band metals and it is yet to be seen whether tungsten can stand the test of time as a metal for wedding rings or if it will go out of fashion down the track.
Tungsten and Allergies

Most high-quality tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic. However, sometimes tungsten carbide can cause skin reactions and irritations.

This occurs if cobalt has been included in the metal, which is a common allergen for people with metal allergies. Nickel is a common allergen for people with metal allergies but the amount of nickel used in tungsten is negligible and rarely causes reactions.
Tungsten Liquidity

Unlike precious metals, tungsten cannot be liquidated into cash easily as it is not valued as a tradeable commodity. Tungsten is not an investment metal. If liquidity is important to you, choose a precious metal, such as gold.
Limited Choices

Although tungsten is popular, tungsten jewelry on the market is very limited when it comes to design. There aren’t many wedding band styles for men and women in tungsten, with most being similar-looking contemporary, shiny designs.

This is because tungsten is not a very pliable metal and is difficult to work with. If you are after something more elaborate or full of character, you may have to choose from other metals.

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