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Living in Hangzhou from freemexy's blog

Hangzhou has the world’s most digitally integrated supply chain. It combines exceptionally well developed ecommerce, mobile payment, cheap and flexible logistics, traceability and product returns in an environment that is extremely convenient and user friendly for consumers. Living in Hangzhou
There is almost an app for every market gap in Hangzhou all of which are integrated with Alipay or Wechat pay. If someone needs a cleaner ,or someone to cook, take care of my pets, walk dogs, send packages…. pretty much anything that somebody needs can be arranged and paid for with a mobile phone and Alipay or Wechat.
95% of shops in Hangzhou and 98% of taxi’s in Hangzhou officially accept Alipay. Person to person payments in restaurants between customers and owners using either Wechat or Alipay is universally accepted.
From the 16th of August Hangzhou buses now accept mobile payment for fares.
Hangzhou’s CBEC zone acts as a pilot city for the majority of China’s new crossborder ecommerce policies. Hangzhou develops, implements and assesses and the rest of China follows its lead.
As well as being the birthplace and home of Alibaba, companies such as Tencent, Jingdong and Baidu are investing heavily in Hangzhou. Baidu has just opened its first office in Hangzhou and Jingdong has invested in a 1.3 billion RMB project to develop ecommerce infrastructure in Hangzhou.
An Alipay credit rating system run by Zhima credit allows Hangzhou citizens to freely borrow goods such as umbrellas and phone chargers throughout the city based on their Alipay credit rating.
The serene beauty of Hangzhou’s Westlake, its breathtaking blend of ancient and modern architecture and the viridescent beauty of Hangzhou’s numerous manicured gardens seamlessly woven into Hangzhou’s cityscape make it easy to forget you are in one of Asia’s and in my opinion the world’s most innovative and important cities. As home to Jack Ma’s Alibaba (the largest IPO in US stock market history) and host of this year’s G20 summit there is a sense of coming of age for a city already spearheading policies and developing digital supply chain systems that are leading the way for China and the rest of the world.

Hangzhou represents the perfect confluence of new and old China, a sublime juxtaposition of China’s ancient values of beauty, order and form with that of China’s new values of forward thinking, creativity and innovation that are propelling Hangzhou and China to the forefront of a globally connected, electronically integrated world. Hangzhou encapsulates solutions to key challenges as China transitions towards “new normal growth” and swaps out its outdated “made in China” economic model for an upgraded “made for China” paradigm.

Hangzhou is at the epicenter of this sea change and is taking the leading role in China’s ecommerce revolution. It is a place where citizens are electronically connected, enterprises and businessmen are responsible and accountable, supply chains are traceable and goods and services infinitely safer.It is blazing a trail in a new frontier of effortless living quantified in QR codes, connectivity, mobile shopping and payments, messaging services, efficient logistics and an integrated supply chain unmatched throughout the world. Here’s what its like to spend a day in the world’s most digitally integrated supply chain.

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