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Binomo:A ,000 Worth of Fraud Case of Binomo Spotted in WhatsApp from freemexy's blog

A new fraud was spotted by Nigerian investors in a WhatsApp group named Binomo Trade Investment. Generally, there will always be an invitation link in the WhatsApp group, by which group members deposit money for investment. While, they can upgrade their investment packages by adding more money.To get more news about Binomo forex brokers, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Event recap:
  The following story is shared by Mr Omenka, an investor who sends a request for help to WikiFX. The investor stated how he was scammed by Binomo, and lost 20,000 Naira totally. So he reported the illegal broker to warn other investors against it.
  In December last year, Mr Omenka accepted an invitation of a forex group in WhatsApp to join the group, which mainly teaches members how to use cryptocurrency to earn high profits. A manager in that forex group promised that they can return double or triple profits besides principal to investors within 24 hours. Mr Omenka invested 5,000Naira by phone, but Binomo required Mr Omenka to pay extra 15,000Naira, otherwise they would refuse Mr Omenkas withdrawal. He had no choice but to pay extra 15,000Naira to them eventually. It is worth noting that Binomo did not return any money to Mr Omenka, and blocked him in WhatsApp after one week.
  The scam case of Mr Omenka is quite easy for investor to spot. And Binomo is very active on WhatsAPP, Telegram and Facebook. It is worth noting that WikiFX has reported a lot of scam cases about Binomo. The total amount of money involved in these cases has nearly reached 30,000USD. Details and Payback Details on Binomo Trade Investment Platform such as follows:
The following is the process of how to use the app:
  1. Download WikiFX
  You can download the app on Google Play or Apple Store for free.
  2. Register to be a WikiFX member
  Enter your phone number and verification code.

3. Select Language and your area
  4. Find “Exposure” section on Homepage

5. Edit post and release
  Click the edit icon and choose either type of reason you wanna expose. Then, select the broker you wanna expose, edit your scammed experience and release it.

Declaration: The article evidence exposed by WikiFX is verified by the following processes: 1: Evidence Collection: (Chatting history records, Trading history records, Banking Transaction records and recording videos from victim). 2: These evidences will be evaluated and verified by expert who has been work in forex industry for many years. 3: The editor will review it again before the article is published.
  If you find there are still exist errors in article, we will improve them as soon as possible, and strive to provide consumers with a good and reliable exposure platform. Thank you for your feedback.

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