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A month ago, I came to Tongsheng Lake full of hope. I still remember that the sun was very bright that day, and the whole school looked so soft under the sun. I couldn't help but look forward to my future life in Tongsheng Lake. New teachers, new classmates, new dorms, everything makes me full of curiosity and excitement [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. When I came to school, the first challenge was military training. The unsmiling instructor, the hot sun, the sultry air, and the motionless us under the sun, just opened the curtain of military training. Standing upright. Striding up. Walking forward. Walking in parallel .... Various The training programs are dazzling and overwhelming. Every minute and every second is suffering. I remember one time when we were training together and the instructor asked us to practice in groups to keep the team in order. Because the line is far away from the line, the slogan is not heard very clearly, resulting in the team always walking unevenly. Someone in the team started to complain: "Can you shout slogans in front of you! You can't hear it in the back!" The classmates in front of me also felt aggrieved, but they were not easy to say anything. Then slogan together, so that no one can hear it. "So everyone yelled together, maybe it was just the reason why there was no tacit understanding, and everyone still couldn't get along. Watching the other groups walk in a decent way, everyone is very upset. Seeing everyone's expression is very uncomfortable, a new round of mutual grievances will begin. Fortunately, when the instructor came, a ��war�� could be avoided. Of course, the story of Tongsheng Lake is not only about contradictions and quarrels, but more about joy and emotion. The self-introduction in the evening is really fun, and the type of self-introduction is funny, arrogant, serious, shy, domineering ... It is more exciting than the Spring Festival Evening. I even laughed all the way. Time always passes quickly, and the military training will be over in the blink of an eye. What impressed me most was the night when our class qualified for the finals, everyone was ecstatic. We rushed down the steps, shouted loudly, and vented the joy in our hearts. The teacher quickly stopped our crazy behavior, because it would disturb the students in other classes. But everyone was so excited, so they coaxed to sing. The instructor took the lead in singing the song, unable to bear everyone's soft and hard bubbles. Slowly, someone who could sing began to echo softly. Everyone took the floor as a seat, and in the singing, my heart slowly calmed down. The night sky tonight looks exceptionally vast and deep, with only a few scattered stars hanging there, but it is more charming and more charming than the stars. After the breeze brushed the grass beside the playground [url=vipusacigarettes.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], it gave me kisses with the fragrance of grass. At this moment, my heart suddenly burst into a warm current [url=webvipsmoking.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], and I found a sense of belonging. From this moment on, I really regarded Tongsheng Lake as my second home far away, I think I love Go here. These are just the beginning of my Tongsheng story. I will also spend the next three years here, hoping that I will not live up to the good times of youth and make my Tongsheng story more exciting.

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