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FORTY MILLENNIUMS OF CULTIVATION-Chapter 1075 from wisepowder's blog


With the super warship ‘Burning Prairie’ and two hundred thousand Grand Illusionary Soldiers, the capability of the federal army has been improved by at least 50%. It truly has the ability to attack the Blood Demon Sector now.To get more news about Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

As it happens, the Blood Demon Sector has lost fourteen demon emperors and more than twenty top-tier main-force troops, and it is caught in internal strife now!Jin Tuyi is definitely not the most lenient guy in the guy. He won’t even bother to blink when he is butchering the dissidents!Also, with the outbreak of the Demon God Virus and the plague…

The Blood Demon Sector is indeed at the weakest moment in its entire history.We are strong, and our enemy are feeble. No wonder even the prudent Nascent Soul Stage experts are interested in an expedition!

To be honest, if Li Yao had not known the inside information of the Blood Demon Sector, and if he were in Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao’s place, there was a good chance that he would have seconded the expedition, too.

But of course, he certainly would not now.Aside from the morality of the war, even purely from the perspective of the national interests of the Star Glory Federation, the war would still bring no good.With Jin Tuyi’s guerilla warfare, it would be impossible for the Heaven’s Origin Sector to conquer the Blood Demon Sector quickly.

‘Blood for blood’ was pure nonsense. No country would wage a war against another country for nothing but hatred. The biggest purpose of the expedition was, of course, to capture the demons as slaves who could be sent for mining on the resource planets of the Flying Star Sector. In such a way, the two Sectors could excavate tremendous resources and expand more quickly in order to deal with the invasion of the Imperium of True Human Beings a hundred years later.

But the real problem was that the Blood Demon Sector was savaged by the plague and the walking dead now!If the federal army crushed the coalition army of demons, which was controlling the plague, the only outcome was all the demons ending up as the uncontrollable mutants or Elder Nether Spring’s slaves.

Then, even if Elder Nether Spring was killed in the end, who on earth could be sent for mining? The uncontrollable mutants who could only live for half a month?

Without the demons developing the Flying Star Sector at the highest efficiency, not enough resources would be collected. Without enough resources, the new federation could never be built, nor would it be able to explore the vast universe. Then, the only thing that awaited everybody was the destined doom a hundred years later!

From that point of view, ending the war as quickly as possible, helping the Blood Demon Sector to control the plague, saving as many demons as possible, and trying to motivate them to work on the resource planets willingly was the only way out for the federation!

I am right. Li Yao firmed his belief again. Even if there are the help of Burning Prairie and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, the war is still not in the interests of the federation. I have to stop the war. I cannot allow my compatriots to be killed in the Blood Demon Sector in vain, only to push the federation further down the path of destruction!

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