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China Powder Network March 28 hearing jet mill from xiaoxi521's blog

China Powder Network March 28 hearing jet mill, and other mill is different, it is in the high-speed airflow, the material between the particles Belt Conveyor by the impact itself, the impact of shear flow and the impact of materials and other components of the material, friction, shearing leaving the crushed material. Jet mill is the use of the material under the action of high-speed airflow, with great momentum, resulting in high-speed collisions between particles of materials, intense friction in the grinding chamber while the high-speed air flow of materials to produce shearing, so as to achieve the purpose of the crushed material, it will be processed raw materials into fine powder. Applications of this technology include virtually all the fine processing industries, such as chemicals, plastics, mining, metal and Sugar coating machine other materials in many specific areas of powder occupies a special position.
Jet mill since the advent of the 1930s, through the efforts of many researchers, its structure constantly updated growing species, has appeared flat or disc jet mill, jet mill cycle, opposed jet mill, stream fluidized bed jet mill, target type jet mill, supersonic jet mill.
Jet mill facing serious energy problems, to solve the problem of energy-saving air grinder machine, will greatly expand the application of jet mill machine. While taking into account the "green energy" requirements currently Weightlessness mixer proposed by the state, energy will be one of the main directions of airflow pulverizer machine improvement.

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