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Fun Tripper - Tourist Attractions in Indonesia with Beautiful Views from SwastikaWibowo's blog

Fun Tripper - Solo has the slogan Spirit of Java. This destination affirms itself as the heart of Javanese cultural tourism. There, tourists will be spoiled with cultural, historical, culinary, shopping and natural charm.

Fun Tripper - Tourists can hunt for batik in the city of President Jokowi's hometown, in several available markets. Don't forget to stop by the Keraton Surakarta to enjoy the charm of historical heritage tourism.

Fun Tripper - Indulge our tongue with various culinary choices, there are buntel satay, fried gule, meatball, timlo, fried duck. Nyamm! Moving a little out of town, there are many natural attractions in Karanganyar such as the fresh Grojogan Sewu Waterfall.

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