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4 Reasons to Choose Exterior Gas lanterns Over Anything from gulfcoastlanternscopper's blog

This article originally posted "here" at April, 2021

Back in the time when the there were no means of energy or electricity, gas lanterns were used to light up the suburbs and cities. But now the time has changed a lot, and the evolution of these gas lanterns have taken place. From electric lanterns to different lighting color options, the technology have changes the way lanterns work. However back in few years ago, gas lanterns were often overlooked by many people. But, now it has made its way back to trend, and more and more people are starting to get inclined towards the elegant appearance gas and electric lanterns have to offer.

Exterior gas lanterns have an elegant and classy touch to them, which significantly enhances the appearance of your house. The lanterns have become a viable alternative for the outdoor lighting, which never fails to catch the attention of people passing by your house, shop, etc.

With that being said, let’s have at a few reasons why you should choose lanterns to light up the exterior of your house.

1. Unparalleled Effect

The lanterns now have become a sign of luxury. It creates a beautiful ambience, which offers a nostalgic experience.  From interior to exterior gas lantern, there’s an availability of a bunch of lanterns designs with a touch of luxury and traditions.

2. Unrivalled Durability

Unlike other lighting options, gas lanterns are more durable. They are made from the tough materials such as copper and cast iron, which makes them capable enough to last for decades.

3. Little To No Maintenance At All

Exterior gas lights do not require maintenance. Apart from cleaning the dirt and dust off the lanterns once in a while, there is barely anything you will need to do keep them maintained. It also makes it a great choice for the people who have less to spare.

4. Endless Designs

Unlike other alternatives of lights, gas lanterns come with numerous designs and types to choose from such flush mounts, broad oaks, Georgetown gas lanterns, and the list goes on.  It’s up to what you prefer.

Part from the above mentioned reasons, there is a lot we can write down why you should consider placing gas lanterns for the exterior for your house. In case, you’re looking forward to buy gas lanterns already then you have made it to the right place.

Gulf Coast Lanterns – One Stop Shop For All Your Needs

Located at 401, North Columbia Street, the company has innumerable types and designs and types of gas lanterns that are sure to leave you wonderstuck. The shop comes with more than 130 lanterns on display to choose from. Apart from that, they have 80 lanterns chosen from the coppersmith collections that cannot fail to astound you. Best of all, you can also check out these coppersmith lanterns along with their in house collection of lanterns. So, head to their official website right now, and chose from their extensive collection  of copper gas and electric lanterns.

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