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Mobile jammer protects public places from precisejammers's blog

The advent of the 3G network era makes it easier for people to access the Internet. Users still need to rely on 2G networks to make calls and send text messages. 3G can only guarantee normal Internet access. 2G is still the backbone of voice and SMS services. The advent of 4G enables people to watch videos smoothly, but even with the newer 3g, 4g and 5g networks, users are still using 2G networks to make calls and send messages. People use the Internet to bring a lot of convenience, and the 2g network will still not stop using, because the basic call and short message service depends on the GSM network. GSM network is the most basic voice and text communication network service, which has been adopted by all major mobile phone brands to provide the most basic communication services. Therefore, the annoying ringtones and calls are based on the 2G network, so it is very necessary to buy a high-power GPS Jammers to solve phone harassment or prevent loud calls.

The new technology is practical and has many advantages. It can also cause serious problems. Deterrence devices are gaining popularity, depending on the type of frequency required. If you want to buy a mobile jammer, you need to determine if you have a portable cell phone jammer. Used to protect public places. You need to make sure to check the frequency. In a movie theater, it is best to hang up so as not to disturb other audiences. Through telephone consultation, our lives will change dramatically. I can't imagine life without smartphones. This will have an impact. It is important to protect negotiations in the office. You can use the device as an out-of-range device. The jammer equipment has been certified and can be used in industrial facilities, strictly confidential items, and small and medium-sized enterprises. You can ensure the safety and privacy of your personal life. With the help of advanced interference technology, high-quality products can be produced.

I have some knowledge about smartphone jammers. We will use this equipment in a large test site. In fact, it has been widely used in prisons before being used at the test site. Prisoners are prohibited from contacting the outside world. The prison cannot guarantee that you do not have a mobile phone. In this case, WiFi blocking is effective. It can block phone signals within a radius of several kilometers to several hundred meters. I often see people chatting on smartphones in businesses and private places. Mobile High Powered Jammers are installed in such places. Buy phone jammers according to people's conditions. I put it in my pocket or purse. Very suitable for places such as temples and churches. If you want to interfere with the telephone signal, you should follow the method of interfering with radio and other communications. There are different uses for the same purpose.

Three important indicators of jammers

The three main functions and technical indicators of the GPS jammer are the main functions: the four-channel model effectively shields CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS and mobile phone signals. Generally, other signals with a power of 200m are better and will not affect the normal operation of other electronic devices in the base station. ...Effective shielding radius: Perform soft-start peeking on a line of 0-25 meters to find that the machine is stable in the circuit for a long time, thus avoiding the main specification phenomenon caused by the mechanical ignition switch. The purpose and characteristics of telephone interference: telephone signal bluetooth jammers only work in mobile phone communication and will not interfere with other harmless electronic devices, so they can be widely used. Conference rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, consulting rooms, schools, theaters, hospitals; others, gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil fields, government, military, finance, securities, prisons, public security command centers or prohibited in any place Use mobile phone. The jammer function can interfere the mobile phone signal with all the latest jumper components and integrated circuits, with advanced performance and easy long-term installation. The manufacturing process is strict, stable and reliable. According to the quality system, it can enhance information security, ensure safe production and protect the environment. This is an ideal and reliable safety product.

Mobile phones are an important communication tool in today's society. With the development of mobile phones, mobile phones are not only communication tools, but also indispensable equipment in our lives and work. It enriches our entertainment life so that we can learn more about the outside world and keep up with the times. A mobile phone is a device that needs a signal to work, and a mobile phone without a signal is like a brain without a brain. With the development of science and technology, mobile phone signals are gradually upgrading. From the initial 2g and 3g to the current 4g, the speed has been greatly improved, which can meet people's needs for the Internet. The mobile phone interference signal is the signal of the mobile phone, and the use of the mobile phone must be prohibited here. For example, in a large conference room, you will need to use a mobile Drone jammer to ensure the quietness of the venue. For example, in schools, in order to make students study hard, they cannot cheat on their mobile phones and install mobile jammers.

The criminals used a new tonic to attack vehicles, mainly freight vehicles. Understand how jammers or signal blockers work, and discover key ways to prevent theft. Interference is a portable device that can block signals from GPS, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular phones, UHF and VHF radios, WiFi and Nextel. The system emits low-frequency radio waves, which may interfere with the connection and prevent signals from being sent and received into restricted areas. Usually, signal jammer are used in security areas in military yards, airports, prisons, business meetings, and places where confidentiality is required. Nowadays, jammers are also used to smuggle freight vehicles.


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