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Sciatica Nerve Pain Treatment in Sydney from Onepathosteopathy's blog

Most people think that pain in the leg or lower back is sciatic nerve pain. According to medical professionals, sciatica is a form of compression which feels like a pinch on the sciatic nerve either in the buttocks, leg, or lower back of a person’s body. Sciatica is a painful problem to live with and finding the right sciatica osteopath can be very confusing with so many options these days. 

The common causes of a sciatica nerve pain are pinched nerves and disc bulges. A sciatica treatment does not involve the use of surgeries, injections, or medications. However, if less invasive sciatica treatment Sydney proves to be unfruitful, surgery is opted as the last resort. 

Early Signs of Sciatica

1. Extended period uncomfortable sitting

2. Pain in the lower back and legs

3. Morning stiffness in the lower back

4. Stiffness while getting off a chair, which gets better with movement

5. Tightness in the hamstrings, calf or behind the knee area of one leg

6. In co-ordination or decreased power in one leg while squatting or lunging

7. Decreased flexibility in the ankles

Finding the Root Cause

Inflammation is the main cause of severe sciatic symptoms. The sciatic nerve gets compressed by swelling of the tissues surrounding it. This cycle stretches over a period of one week. At this time, if you take up a treatment from an osteopath Mona Vale, he will relieve the sciatic nerve, by decompressing the disc. Do not start your sciatica treatment with chiropractic adjustments, although they can be used at a much later time. 

Best Approach to Sciatica

Sciatica pain is commonly caused by a bulging disc that continuously applies pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is time to visit an osteopathic doctor. Once you start with a sciatica treatment professionally, it immediately puts a halt on the progression of your sciatic symptoms. The treatment lasts for a small duration and will start showing its effects by lifting the sciatic pain impact on your daily activities. A sciatica treatment will help you in unlocking the pressure completely off your sciatic nerve. 

Which treatment is a success?

It is not a ‘One size fit all’ treatment. If we think that the best approach to sciatica treatment is purely physio, exercise physiology, chiropractic or massage driven, we are living in a world of illusion. Every treatment affects a person’s body in a different way. The success of a treatment purely depends on its ability to correct all the wrong happening in the body. To fully resolve a sciatica problem and prevent a patient from continued suffering, accurate diagnosis by an osteopath Sydney is necessary, who considers all the root causes that could be causing the problem. If the factor accountable for the condition is not addressed, no sciatica treatment can work on a patient suffering from this pain. 

One Path Osteopathy is one of leading osteopaths in Sydney delivering exceptional musculoskeletal health services to their patients. Their approach and results are different!

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