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The feeble barbarians are no match for RuneScape from MMOgrfy's blog

When you return to Gunthor he will take the treaty but OSRS gold immediately teleports you and two barbarians to the flax areas in the Seer's Village. All you have to do is select and twist 10 flax seeds. After turning 10 a message will pop up saying you want to head to Rellekka now. When you arrrive at Rellekka you ought to visit Brundt. The feeble barbarians are no match for your Freminnicks and are immediately dispatched.

If you run up to Brundt and tell him it is not a snare the freminnicks will probably be ashamed of these and Brundt will give you two Freminnick round protects - 1 for yourself and 1 as a peace offering to the barbarians. Now return to Gunthor and provide him the shield.

Hello Sal's kingdom forumers. I have noticed something. The men and women that are theives work hard for their level 99 skillcape emote, but they get around a half-second emote that is barely noticable. However, skillcapes like cooking/woodcutting get extremly comprehensive emotes, depicting the character doing wonders, even thaugh these abilities have no real danger to them, and they only require patience. I've always enjoyed cooking, the emote seems amazing, and my friends come to me for all their meals. I feel very good about my new abilities in this skill, but I feel awful for the people who worked to get their capes, but realised that there was almost nothing special about them.

Here is the idea: My thought for the new emote(s) would be: Theif throws a smoke bomb, covering his entire body for approximately two seconds. Subsequently the smoke bomb pops with an effect, and the theif is visible again. A treasure chest appears in front of this theif, that opens it and gets a blast of green posion to his/her face, making them shout. A cage falls on the theif, who then lockpicks his way out.

What do you think? For the firemaking emote. The first time I saw this emote (seriously) I thaught someone was kidding and performing the Slap Head emote. Not only is it hardly evident, but the emote itself is quite choppy looking, and your personality barely even moves while he is doing it. I really don't have alot of ideas, but I suppose I could discuss one I've: A big pile of clips (About as tall as the character) pops up infront of your character, who lighting it on fire, and then watches a cloud of buy RuneScape gold smoke rise up out of it. The logs dissapear.

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