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The majority of this proposal is not what the butler resembles from Sunxuemei's blog

With this idea I have to OSRS gold admit I can't think of one part of the update: who or what the butler are. I'm not certain what will be better looking than a demon butler. The only thing I have come up with would be an angelic butler.

The majority of this proposal is not what the butler resembles, but its own functions. Even the butler can do almost anything you might possibly want within your home: make dishes, serve some hot tea, or just greet guests. But the butlers seem to be sorely lacking in their own banking skills. The butlers appear to be just able to draw construction items from the lender. Even further, the butlers appear in order to only bring specific construction items from the lender; things like rope or runes can't be brought. Butlers are able to bring any product you are holding to the bank, so should not the reverse be true too?

I understand the ability to bring any item to your home could be powered. One could discover many ways to exploit a financial institution that could be in any home portal site in runescape. That is the reason why I propose a new butler. After suit from the previous butlers, this butler will require an extra ten contraction levels from the need for their previous butler. This means level 60 construction will be required.

Only this butler would have this ability, not one of the others would. The butler would have the ability to carry 28 objects, and traveling at precisely the exact same speed as the demon butler. Stackable items would not stack; you would be able to take just 28 runes, not 28 kinds of runes (I'm aware there are not 28 types of runes, this can be an illustration ). Lastly, the butler would charge a commission to get the run of 5000 gold, no matter whether you just paid his / her or his own fee. These three together would buy OSRS gold make the bank withdrawal process have limited use but still be able to be used. Not all three might have to be implemented, however they all could work as limiting factors.

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