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Safety is one of the most critical aspects while working. If the worker is performing a task that involves the risk of falling from a height, then there are certain precautions and safety tools that can be used to save the worker from injuries. 

A full-body harness is such a life-saving device for the workers. It consists of various straps that pass around from several body parts like shoulders, across the chest, and near the legs. The full-body harness protects the whole body as it evenly distributes the force to the whole body.  Hence, the worker can easily focus on the task rather than worrying about safety. 

Certain factors must be considered for purchasing a full-body harness. Below are the mentioned points that should be kept in mind.


The quality of the harness is significant as it will protect the worker from dangerous falls and injuries. The renowned supplier will provide you only with good quality and branded products such as CM lodestar UK, tiger products, etc.


● Additional features

The harnesses will have certain features like multiple adjustment options, padding at necessary areas, and additional stretching points in the harness. These features will provide extra safety and convenience to the worker so that tasks can be performed with ease. 

● Durability

If the worker spends long hours wearing a safety harness then it must be durable enough to safeguard the worker from the environment. The durable body harness will protect the worker. The material from which the harness is made should be breathable. If the worker is going to work in summers where they will be exposed to sunlight then the material should be lightweight.  

● Comfort

The harness should be comfortable and must have multiple adjustment rings so that length can be increased or decreased.  This will provide comfort as a harness can be easily adjusted according to the body.

Final thoughts

Above mentioned points should be considered for purchasing a full-body harness. The quality of lifting and height safety equipment is imperative. These products should be purchased from a prominent supplier who has branded like a lodestar, Yale, Camlok, etc. 

With regards to lifting extremely substantial things in a little restricted space, toe jacks are the device that can solve all your problems in no meantime. These ideals lifting objects can benefit you in numerous ways. The low weight and small size make these exquisite pieces to operate easily and offer greater capacities for all the requirements.

Upkeep and storing of the toe jack

You must regularly upkeep and do the general maintenance of the toe jack. There are numerous types of toe jack available in the market which are quite durable and reliable.  But still, there are few essential considerations that you must keep in your mind while maintaining and storing the toe jack.

Always ensure that you store the toe jack or 10-ton hydraulic toe jack upright and keep it in a dry place which would be free from any materials of corrosion. Make sure that you check the user’s manual to check the further details regarding the maintenance.

In this blog, we will give you a checklist of things that you must check for:-

Schedule of regular maintenance

1.    Look for any damage, cracks, or wear and tear.

2.    Check for any damages or leaks in the toe jack.

3.    Always check if the screw of the air vent is clear or not. Always lubricate the toe jack be it 10-ton toe jack, or any other equipment like lifting magnets, polyester webbing sling, strops, etc.

Schedule of yearly maintenance

1.    You must make sure to change the oil once in a year.

2.    Dispose of all the oils safely and appropriately.

Wrapping it up!!

In conclusion, it would be a challenging situation, when you see offers for toe jack or 1-ton electric chain hoist for sale. With numerous manufacturers and varied types to choose, you may lead to numerous challenges to find an appropriate toe jack or any other applications such as webbing sling, that can match your requirements. In this scenario, go for a supplier who has a significant period of experience in this field. They will provide you with reliable products.



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