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Going by the current trend, most of the home buyers prefer house and land packages in Melbourne as it is relatively economical and safe with all the lifestyle benefits. As a matter of fact, packages of house and land can be described as the package deal that includes both a new home and the land on which house is constructed.

Through a house and land package, the buyer is actually quoted combined price of their home and land. This means that a buyer will have to enter into two separate contacts i.e. with land developer for securing land and construction of house.

There can be two basic types of house and land packages in Melbourne. The one package allows you to secure your chosen block of land and construct home builders as per various existing standard or customized home designs. Such packages of house and land are also referred as ‘off the plan’ packages.

Whereas, in majority of cases, especially first time buyers choose a house and land package Melbourne that provides a pre-built home and the land on which home is built. People prefer this package as it is a convenient and cost-effective way to new homes Melbourne a new home.

Things included in house and land packages

When you buy a house through house and land packages, builders offer different inclusions often referred a ‘standard inclusions’. These  standard inclusions in a new home are usually a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, windows and doors, insulation,  built-in robes, stairs, tiles, wooden or ceramic flooring.

Standard inclusions also include electrical points for TV, computer, phone and other electrical points for fans and lights besides a provision for cable connection. People may have to extra amount to have additional interior design elements like carpeting or tiling and special insulation as well as additional elements for outdoor living areas, such as patios and decks as well as driveways, landscaping and fencing.

Likewise for more inclusions, like to have a kitchen with laminated panels and doors, open shelves at rear bench, stainless steel sink and chrome mixer and tiled splash back; you have to pay some additional amount as per the new inclusions

Same way for bathrooms with full laminate cabinetry stone bench top, designer basin with chrome flick mixer, the buyers are required to pay extra over a normal House and Land Package in Melbourne.

Benefits of House and land packages

With various House and land packages, you can avail benefits like:

  • Lower stamp duty - When you purchase a house and land package, you will be paying only the stamp duty on the land component
  • Fixed price package – unless you add more things as per your comfort and living style
  • Best location, as desired by you
  • You get a property that suits your needs.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Living in environmentally friendly atmosphere in a house built with materials and features

When you desire to own a house with all the benefits of various packages, you may approach Nostra Homes for house and land packages in Melbourne that offer better real estate value, cost savings and lifestyle benefits.

Nostra Homes is a renowned company that offers most reliable and most customer-oriented house and land packages in Melbourne.



Looking for house is difficult in every place around the world, whether it is Australia, England or anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a home in Melbourne all by yourself, it can be pretty tedious, time taking and expensive.

It is always better to take the services of a home builder in Melbourne because a builder not only has a number of land parcels that are available for sale to customers; they also have a number of readymade houses built for sale.

In case you are looking to build a house for yourself, home builders in Melbourne can be a great help. You can buy land from the builder and then decide with him your plan for the house, its structure, and its interior and other details. You can discuss the entire thing, take an estimate for the entire plan and if it suits you, you can contract him to build your dream house.

Why should you prefer home builder Melbourne for making your house?

There can be several reasons for you to choose a home builder in Melbourne to build your dream home instead of building it yourself.


A major convenience in choosing a builder to build your dream house instead of doing it yourself is that it saves you time and energy to focus on your profession or career instead of a house. Since the builder is a professional, he is always in a better position to get the work done in a better way than you.

Presence of technical knowledge:

A builder has a team of highly trained, skilled and experienced people to build a house. He as architects to design the lay out and build the structure, interior designers and decorators to design the interior portions of the house and professional painters to take care of the outer and internal finishing of the house.

Understanding of taste and culture

Home builders in Melbourne are professional and have been working in the field for many years. They meet and communicate with many people on a daily basis which gives them an insight into the requirement of people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds.

Therefore, when you contract with home builder in Melbourne, he understands your requirements so well that he can exhibit you your dream home exactly in the manner that you wish.

You can make payments according to work in progress

It is great relief to get your home build through a home builder Melbourne, because all you need to do is to make an initial payment. After you have contracted with the builder, you only need to pay according to the amount of work done by the builder. This is as good as spending the money yourself.

If you are looking for land for your home or looking for a home builderNostra Homes is a very reputed builder in Melbourne. They have many display homes built at various locations that they are developing. You can check out their quality of work and enquire about their work culture from people who have got their houses built by them.

A home is not just a physical structure to keep your family safe, but also is a matter of your pride. Your home gives your family a sense of permanency and security. Buying a home builders is a motivational dream for most people. Owning a beautiful house in a great neighborhood enhances your social status in the society. Finally, there are several people for whom buying their home is the most important financial investment that they make.

However, buying a house is a vital decision of your life as you will be investing a lot of your hard-earned money in to it. Moreover, it is usually a long- term investment, as a home is something that you will not change every few months or years.

Looking for your new home involves a lot more than just checking real estate websites, asking people for suggestions etc. There are several things that you need to consider before buying the perfect house. The location of the property is very important when it comes to making a decision. You need to decide whether you want to live in a quiet suburb or a bustling city side.

Consider the size of the house you will need, the number of rooms, floors etc. You may already have a ton of household stuff which you may need to put somewhere. You may have certain important or luxury items that you can’t compromise on and the quality of construction has to be top-quality.

Credible Home Builders Provide Desired Customer Satisfaction

Everyone looks for a quality lifestyle, and to achieve that you need to check the brand value of the builder who can be trusted. Before finalizing any deal, check the developer’s reputation and track record. Esteemed Melbourne home builders provide exemplary construction, perfectly tailored amenities and several options of locations, to suit different clientele. The array of possibilities increases, when you contact a reputed home builder, making it easy to find your dream house.

A reputable new home builder in Melbourne provides excellent customer service as only referrals from satisfied customers can make his business grow. Look for a builder, who will keep you informed with the details of your new home building process and provide 24/7 emergency home assistance for the first 1 year after you move in.

Look for a builder who accommodates the customization that you need and gives you the freedom to change the design according to your needs. The home builders must strive for excellence, by ensuring that the construction is strong and should provide a 25 year structural warranty on new homes Melbourne.

Legal Assurance and Timely Delivery

One of the significant benefits of buying a home Builders from a reputed builder, is the legal assurance they assign with the purchase. This gives you the confidence to invest a huge amount. Among the new home builders Melbourne, the reputed builders follow the practice of handing the property over to you on time as promised, as they are known to stay on schedule.

Buying your new home from Nostra Homes, will not only provide you with security and comfort, but also guarantees superb construction quality

Building a home in Melbourne can be a very difficult task, especially if you wish to build the entire thing yourself. Building a home requires lots of designing, planning and execution expertise, which only builders in Melbourne have.

If you wish to build your own house without the help of a builder, you will face hassles regarding land purchase, drawings and then finding suitable architects that can build your dream home according to your personality and style.

All these are very big problems and nobody has the time or inclination to get into it. The best way to build a house is to look for builders Melbourne north or builders Melbourne west. These are the two most sought-after locations in Melbourne and most chances are that you will find the right builder of your choice there only.

Advantages of building a home through builders in Melbourne

Every person is an expert in his own trade and when it comes to building homes, nobody is better than builders Melbourne North.They are experienced in building homes and commercial spaces for a long time and either have their architects in-house or have contact with the best architects of the town. Therefore, designing of your house becomes very easy and professional.

Builders in Melbourne, buy large land parcels in various suburbs and posh areas of Melbourne. If you are looking to buy or build a house in Melbourne, it is better to try a well-known builder of repute because the kind of land and the area in which he can offer land or house to you may not be possible for you directly.

Builders in Melbourne West build so many homes that their cost of building a home is very less as compared to your cost. Also, he has access to many new ideas and latest items in building hardware, that if you build a home, you may not be able to get hold of it entirely.

Display homes in Melbourne

Every big builder builds display homes in different locations of a city where he plans to start his construction activity. These display homes serve dual purpose. One is that these display homes serve as marketing tools for builders and secondly, these display homes inform the public of the various locations for company project.

These display homes are usually built with basic features that company is willing to offer the customers. Company has many other options available and they showcase those options as additional exclusives in the homes.

Display homes are also set up to exhibit their architectural and structural expertise to the people and attract them to buy homes from them.

Nostra Homes is one of the very well-known builders in Melbourne. They have been building some of the most beautiful building in Melbourne and its suburbs. They have several display homes in different localities of the city from where you can visit personally or contact them for a virtual tour to their sites.

They build homes in their own style as well as in contemporary style. Theirs is a modern style that emphasizes the thought of today’s generation along with their practicality.

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