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No problem with New Horizons Items the memorial articles here. If it appears to miserable for me that day I just keep scrolling.

Agreeing with other comments hereIt seems like we need a little more flair on the sub, maybe a mega ribbon index of some sort to sort what is cluttering the feed. Or perhaps daily discussion topics? Not certain about logistics but it might help!

My final thought-I believe it'd be wonderful to some thing about the edited photos, a flair would be nice.

To expand on my opinion: if it's something that's built into the game since launch & occurs yearly (like NYE, festive period, bunny afternoon etc)I do not care as much about spoilers. I do not like seeing spoilers that come from a brand new swap for new articles (such as Pavé or Halloween and probably Mario), but I know that it's a risk to see them when I get online following an upgrade. However, this is all my opinion & feelings on it, and all ways of playing/views on spoilers are legitimate & acceptable.

It's a catchy subject to browse due to the long term playing aspect of the game. I hope the mods can find a solution that works best for everyone.

I feel some type of spoiler tag could be nice. Knowing stuff early is good for a few, but it ruins any enthusiasm I need for an event or brand new item. The appeal in events for me is the puzzle prizes, so if they are not a mystery the event just becomes a chore to get things buy bells animal crossing new horizons I already know about.

Hmmm... how can I get people hooked on this stuff? I give them $50,000 virtual money (a money online and has NO real price, like the rs money, but you can purchase rs money lol!!!) And they will start BETTING on money, its very addictive and I suggest. No one get involved in stocks unless if you're a skilled and/or a person that doesnt do it for REAL cash, or if you're rich and dont care!

I am also RuneScape gold in other methods in which company is fun, I'll be taking AP Economics next yr! AP = 1 semester/2 semester in college less! As you've observed, what I posted was basically BRAGGING, PWNING YOU, and OFF TOPIC, I would just like to say that I am not a bragger in real life as I am probably the reduced 50%--40 percent in my college, and that might hurt me becoming in to 4 yr + uni (college ) and I might want you to STOP supposing this...Exchange method - Depending on how rare a Charm is, there is a"price" for them, therefore, as an instance, if a Blue Charm is rarer than a Gold Charm, then to get one Blue you get two Gold and also for 2 Gold you get one Blue Charm. This may be done like the Grand Exchange - People insert Charms they do not desire and choose what sort of and how many they need.

That is practically the exact same idea, but in case the Grand Exchange method produces some Charms become even rarer, have a exact same sort of Exchange system but that is not dependant on player inventory, so, by way of instance, it would not create a difference in the price if the demand for Gold is significantly larger than the demand for Blue Charms (example). Additionally you won't have to wait if there aren't any of the Charms you're looking for at the present time, since there will be infinity stock in the"slot" machine. Post your remarks. Obviously, if they make Charms tradeable, then this will be unnecessary. The barbs are totally rigged siedge weapons. Gameplay: The thing is 2 things: The attacker has to capture the town by killing every person buy OSRS gold inside. The defender has to kill all attackers.
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