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In addition to the heavyweight names of Ambush and FOG, the Panda Air Jordan 1 is also attracting attention from players. Although it is not on the official website, the SNKRS APP is on sale at 9 o'clock this morning. It has been on sale and sold out. Have you bought it? Dressed in a simple black and white color scheme, it has an OG atmosphere. But the unique material combination is the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes. The body of the shoe is made of luxurious animal-like fur and textured leather. The white flying wing logo embellishes the upper, and the black outsole outlines the graceful contours. The overall temperament is outstanding.

Men Air Shoes,You may be worried that you can't wear a high-end feeling when wearing running shoes. But recently, Y-3 brought a new pair of adidas Y-3 RUNNER 4D II to solve this problem. Y-3 Following the release of the red RUNNER 4D running shoes in January this year, there will be a higher street black and white color scheme coming soon. The RUNNER 4D II continues the previous low-profile design and uses a wider and thicker adidas 4D outsole for a better foot feel. The upper part is still double-layered, and the adidas iconic three-bar and the signature logo of Yamamoto are embroidered on the tongue.

2019 Mens Jordans,Players who know Nike running shoes know that Vaporfly 4% is the strongest Nike running shoe currently available. Today, Nike has officially released its upgraded version: ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%. This new generation of the most powerful running shoes has been upgraded in all aspects of the upper and sole. The vamp uses the new Vaporweave technology. This flap-like material is lighter and more permeable than Flyknit, and more importantly avoids the absorption of sweat and rain on the upper. The addition of an asymmetric lace system and foam pad provides greater comfort. In the midsole, in addition to the continuation of the full palm-slipping carbon plate, the midsole ZoomX foam is 15% more morphologically similar to the Vaporfly Elite, but the weight does not increase. The texture of the field and the height difference between the front and the back are also more scientifically adjusted according to the feedback from the runners.

Nike Air Max 97 welcomes a refreshing color scheme that is more suitable for summer interpretation! The pair of Nike Air Max 97 Premium Racer Blue shoes are presented in grey and white, detailing the racing blue accents! What's special is that the shoe body is rhombic and wave point interactively, reflecting the unique light and shadow texture at different angles, not only the visual refreshing, but also the quality of the high-grade title!

2019 Mens Jordans,Designers Matthew M. Williams and Nike teamed up to create the S19-NIKE-MMW shoes at the Paris Fashion Week, a unique look that attracted the attention of many functional players. Recently, there is a new light-colored version of the physical exposure. The body is divided into inner and outer double layers, the inner layer is made of elastic fabric and leather, with lace and upper zipper design and independent sole. The outer layer is a rough rubber outsole that is joined to the inner layer by upturning and strapping.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,As the weather gets hotter, the Air Jordan 1's foot rate and heat have dropped recently. However, for the anti-hook Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, everyone is still very concerned. It is reported that it will be on the 3rd of May, and Travis Scott has also carried out a new wave of activities recently. It seems that the sale is indeed approaching. On April 20th, US time, the Jordan Brand Classic (JBC) event, which was the strongest high school student in the United States, was held. Travis Scott came to the scene and sent the small players the anti-hook Air Jordan 1 that was not released yet, and for each pair. Shoes are all signed!

2019 Mens Jordans,Last year's silk crushed Air Jordan 1 Presumably everyone still remembers, classic color and gorgeous texture, regardless of boys and girls are impressed, so many men's toe are wearing WMNS specifications shoes. This year there is another heavier silk Air Jordan 1 coming soon, that is OG black toe color! The physical map was first exposed in recent days. From the current partial view, we can see that the Air Jordan 1 Satin WMNS Black Toe is the same as the silk buckle. The red part of the upper is made of satin material, which brings gorgeous reflection effect. The black and white parts are still made of high-quality leather for superior texture and comfort. It is worth mentioning that the wing logo of the upper is different from the embroidered process of silk, and is presented in the form of a rubber stamp.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,This season's NBA Houston Rockets star, James Harden's strong performance must have been seen. Extraordinary scoring ability, coupled with the domestic high popularity, let his new generation of signature boots adidas Harden VOL.3 highly loved by the actual party. And adidas will naturally not miss this opportunity, and he will launch a variety of arrogant color matching for his signature boots. Earlier today, a color-released official map called "Different Breed", rich in detail design, let Xiaobian this rocket powder planted after the grass. The overall color scheme blends with many classic color schemes to present the look of What The. The left and right sneakers are presented in yin and yang design, the embossed dark lines at the toe, the colored straps at the shoes and the signature of Harden, the inside of the shoe is filled with the full Harden Logo, and the heel is supplemented by 13 The words show a unique identity. In the end, Boost cushions the midsole and the sturdy outsole, and in the summer, it is definitely the eye harvester on the court.

2019 Sneakers Release,Yesterday Nike official media center officially released the black and red Air Jordan 4 Bred, this pair of classic shoes that everyone is looking forward to! It is also the year after the black and red Air Jordan 6, the second pair of super-popular first year Air Jordan is returning to the re-enactment, even in terms of attention is better than the black and red Air Jordan 6. Jordan himself used to wear the black and red Air Jordan 4 "Bred" to participate in the NBA All-Star Game. He also wore it in the first round of the playoffs against the Cavaliers. This year's return is full of sincerity, bringing a number of traditional “firsts”, followed by the Nike Air logo, which was the first return since 1999. In addition, the shoe tag is changed from the familiar Jumpman flying logo to the first year NIKE AIR dress. Almost all the details are presented in the form of the first year. It is worth mentioning that the Jumpman flying man logo on the Air Jordan 4 tongue and the “Flight” logo appear on the four generations at the same time.

2019 Mens Jordans Following the 2018 Air Jordan 1 colorful new color schemes, the new color distribution this year seems to have no stopping momentum. Recently, there is another new color matching Air Jordan 1 High Wmns for the first time. These shoes are made of gray-purple suede and are crafted from off-white nubuck. The overall color scheme is simple and fresh, as a woman's exclusive, the younger sisters should have a good foot.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,As everyone knows, pickle Paul George has a special liking for fishing, and personal signature boots, there have been wonderful colors on this theme! In the near future, the latest generation of Nike PG3 will be ushered in. The shoes are made of mint green and black fish scale leather. The original home area code of the midsole is changed to a fish icon, and the insole is also decorated with special patterns.

2019 Sneakers Release ushered in the annual Air Max Day, and Nike naturally released the Air Max 720 and many new products at this time. After a number of color schemes have been released one after another, a recent Zhou Dongyu color matching color is now on the shelves, I am afraid I can't help but feel the mood after reading. Nike Air Max 720 Pink Rise shoes are decorated with large white mesh fabric, while the side and heel details are complemented by pink accents, full of girlish atmosphere. The most iconic Air Max 720 air cushion, also complemented by rose pink, although the same color, but the different shades of color, but also bring more layering.

Although the popularity of Air Jordan 1 has declined after the temperature has warmed up, it is mentioned that the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 will be released at the end of this year. I am afraid that it has already been included in this year's must-buy list. After the physical and renderings that have been exposed many times before, earlier today, the well-known sneakers broke the account zsneakerheadz and released a new rendering, and updated the release date. This black and orange-based crushing series is no stranger to shoe fans. In the rendering of this update, it is not difficult to see that the mid-bottom of the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 is yellower than the previous two editions, showing an oxidation effect that fits well with Jordan Brand's old-fashioned philosophy this year. The most important thing for everyone is the material of the shoe. The effect picture released this time, whether it is the imprinted Air Jordan Logo, or the unique gloss, the Air Jordan 1 ShatteredBackboard 3.0 will probably be replaced with a patent leather upper.

2019 Mens Jordans, the new copper bubble Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Crimson was officially released. Recently, cityblueshop and sneakerpolitics two shoe stores have brought a new look and physical picture, which makes people more tempted after reading. As a classic member of the metal bubble series, it was finally born in 2012. After seven years, it will finally return to a new look, so many bubble-stricken players are looking forward to it. The continuation of the classic is that this time still uses the charming copper color tone, combined with the foamed upper to show the fascinating metallic color effect in different light, with the black three-dimensional Swoosh, bringing the same low-key as other metal-based bubbles. Luxurious texture. At the same time, the return has also undergone no small changes. The first is to add orange embellishment to the details to enhance the identification of the whole pair of shoes; the biggest difference is that the outsole is changed to a black outsole, also with orange, to avoid oxidation problems. At the same time, it also caters to the overall calm tone.

2019 Sneakers Release,Each new pair of adidas Yeezy series has touched the hearts of many shoe lovers. This year, in addition to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and Yeezy Boost 700, a new pair of new adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rock will be officially launched. . The new shoe-shaped upper is similar to the Yeezy 500 and looks like a pair of high-profile Yeezy 500. The overall style is purely light khaki, the upper is made of suede and mesh material, and the 3M reflective strip on the tongue is particularly eye-catching. Equipped with a very thick sole, the texture of the outsole is extremely simple and does not seem to be worn as an outdoor shoe. Designed on the basis of retro old shoes, it has a strong military and functional atmosphere. It is definitely the iconic style of the grandfather. I don’t know how everyone evaluates this pair of shoes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The new Nike LeBron Watch Air Trainer, which will be released soon, has attracted the attention of many OG sneaker players. On the one hand, it is the perfect restoration of the classic running shoes Air Trainer 3, on the other hand, the outstanding performance of the LeBron 16 is also
exciting. As this color is about to be released, Nike has released the official chart of Air Trainer 3 today, and it seems that it is expected to be engraved. The classic white body is complemented by obsidian and wheat yellow. The unique Velcro design and Air Max cushioning bring a full vintage look.

2019 Sneakers Release,LAIKA comic studio, with the name of "Psychic Boy: Norton". Of course, the limited-edition Air Foamposite One, which was released with the film, has become the god of the shoe. Recently, Nike
has once again drawn inspiration from LAIKA's comedy adventure animation "Missing Link" to create a unique Air Max 1 Susan color scheme. Suit plaid and dark green nylon splicing, suede material with brown leather, textured fancy, special material. The brown midsole is paired with a raw rubber outsole, making the shoes look like handmade.

2019 Mens Jordans believe that in an NCAA competition in February, Duke VS North Carolina will definitely remember. Duke's star Zion Williamson left the field with a knee injury as he stepped on the PG 2.5. Even after the game, Nike took the lead in responding and even recycled and dissected the pair of Nike PG 2.5s, but still did not cover up the discussion of the society. What's more
interesting is that earlier today's well-known auctioneer Ken Goldin personally pointed out that if the pair of PG2.5s were auctioned at this time, the final transaction price would fall to around $250,000. This event is very likely to come true. Whether it is unprecedented social attention or potential Zion Williamson, if he can show his talents in the NBA, perhaps $250,000 still underestimates the value of these shoes.

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