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The old-fashioned old-fashioned shoes are popular nowadays. If you say that the oldest shoes that are still fresh in your memory, it is definitely Balenciaga's Balenciaga Track Trainer. Interestingly, Balenciaga has recently upgraded the extremely hot Track Trainer. Continuing its iconic outdoor design with a complex bevel structure and a rechargeable LED strip design at the heel. It is also easy to use, just click the Track button to light up, and there are 11 different lighting modes such as red, yellow, blue, green and purple.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Following the joint Air Jordan 5 of the Supreme and Jordan series, the Air Jordan 14 was launched again after four years. However, when the pair of shoes were first exposed, it was difficult for many players to accept. After the physical map of the exposure, it will not be "tasteful". The large white design of the shoe body is matched with a black midsole, and the contrast effect is very bright. The rivet-filled upper accentuates a strong locomotive style, and the classic Supreme logo is added to the classic classic flying character logo, demonstrating the identity of the joint name. The heel also adds the Supreme Logo under the flying man, echoing the side design of the shoe.

At the beginning of this year, adidas was based on the retro running shoes Lexicon, bringing the new LXCON version, which was recognized by many sneakers. Recently, the adidas Consortium brought the first year OG design back to everyone's vision, adidas Consortium LXCON OG will be in 6 It will be available for sale on the 1st of the month. The upper is made of mesh and leather. The details are more complicated than the simplified LXCON, but the design elements of the catheter in the lacing system are also retained. The purple and black dresses also make this pair of shoes more retro, and it is a very good choice for the little friends who love retro old shoes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes has become a good shoe sneaker for a reasonable price and easier way to get started. At the same time, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has a more flamboyant color scheme than the Air Jordan 1 High, which makes this pair of shoes the first choice for summer wear. Earlier today, Nike released a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid, an exaggerated color scheme that will definitely make you grow grass. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Turf Orange is based entirely on the Air Jordan 1 Mid, which is catching up with the warming of the country and a more breathable mesh design in the middle of the shoe. The color scheme uses this year's hot coral orange, and the Swoosh and Flying Wing logos are decorated with navy blues, which are both vibrant and eye-catching.

In recent years, Nike has been very happy to combine the Max series with other shoe types. The Nike VaporMax Gliese, launched in March, is a pair of very unique new shoes. With a new design, retro texture, upgrade and remodel. Recently, a new color matching VaporMax Gliese was first exposed. These shoes are mainly blue and red, and the nylon upper is matched with fine leather. The embossed upper profile and ornamentation are very aggressive. The thick midsole is equipped with a full-faced VaporMax air cushion, which is sure to be very embarrassing.

2019 Cheap Jordan,This year's second-generation signature boots, Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, attracted the attention of many basketball fans with its exaggerated design language and outstanding practical performance. Recently, a new color scheme is about to be released. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Washed Coral is specially designed for girls. The overall body of the shoe is made of soft pink. With a brown outsole, the girl is full of hearts, I believe it will be loved by many young ladies. The Zoom Air cushion of the forefoot of the shoe provides a comfortable foot feel, and the actual after-sales service has also gained a good reputation.

The Air Max 97 is an evergreen shoe in the Nike series. The rise of the retro trend in the past two years has made this shoe even more popular. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 97 is on sale. Inspired by the blue spray, the Nike Air Max 97 QS Foamposite shoe features a similar metallic leather with the same white Swoosh Logo embellishment. The black carbon fiber pattern also echoes the blue sprayed carbon plate and is also paired with clear crystal. bottom. The round logo on the tongue also uses the same design elements as the blue spray, and the reduction is extremely high. The blue and black color schemes are handsome and full of classic retro shoes, which is very suitable for everyday wear.

Since its introduction the Nike Air Max 720 has been highly praised for its endless color matching and comfortable foot. Recently, a new color scheme is coming soon. This new color scheme is similar to the Air Jordan 1 Mid launched some time ago, using the same "Nos Differences Nous Unissent" as the theme design. The overall upper is made of pure white mesh material, which ensures the breathability of the shoes when worn, and as a small white shoe, it is very suitable for the upcoming summer. The dark blue Swoosh on the side is particularly eye-catching, and the design of the contrast is just right. The fully exposed Air Max air cushion is designed with white dots and printed with the words “NOS DIFFERENCES”, meaning “our differences bring us together”, reflecting the designer's theme of advocating unity. The white heel is paired with dark blue polka dots and Swoosh design, which is very eye-catching.

Nike Air Force 1 has always been a popular hot shoe with its classic versatile shape and a variety of color schemes. Recently, an Air Force 1 with a Puerto Rican color scheme was exposed. The shoes are based on white, complemented by large-scale color patterns, with a clear crystal outsole, matching colors and eye-catching, and very versatile. Interestingly, the tongue and heel PR are also designed with a contrasting color. The insole is also printed with a green frog pattern and full of details.

Air Jordan 11 Low Pink Snakeskin was sold online at the store on May 7. With a super high value, a large number of fans were instantly harvested, and the price also increased. Recently, the official website of the country also announced the specific release date. The Air Jordan 11 Low not only inherits the high-top classic shoes, but also has the flexibility and lightness to fit the summer. The shoes feature a pink snakeskin texture with a white body, and the texture is full, and the beautiful color matching makes this pair of shoes definitely become the summer star.

Jordans 2019 Shoes In addition to the new color scheme launched by Air Jordan 1 this year, the launch of the new color matching of the middle and low-cut versions is also much richer than in previous years. Recently, Air Jordan 1 Low will usher in a strong work, jointly with the famous American shoe store Sneaker Politics to launch a limited-edition color that only sells 504 pairs worldwide. Sneaker Politics x Air Jordan 1 Low The main body of the shoe is white, with suede material, which is far superior to the regular Air Jordan 1 Low. The laces are strikingly bright pink, which brings a sense of vitality to the overall look. The pink and white contrast design is also very suitable for the upcoming summer. The midsole is made of brown raw rubber and the suede material of the upper. The texture of the pair of shoes has been raised to a very high level. The design of the insole is also attentive. The main color of the pink echoes the color of the lace, and the P letter of the flower body also indicates a distinctive identity. The biggest highlight is the black “P” embroidery at the heel, inspired by Sneaker Politics' store logo, adjacent to the classic Flying Wing Logo.

In order to welcome the upcoming International Men's World Cup, Jordan deliberately created a new Air Jordan 12 FIBA ​​color scheme. These shoes have the same color scheme as the Air Jordan 12, replacing the original black upper with red, and the collar, tongue and outsole echo in the same color. Not only that, but also a number of details on the upper. The inside of the shoe has a delicate urban silhouette pattern, and the heel shoes are echoed in Chinese, “the heart is only burning for this”, with a rich cultural heritage.

Air Jordan 4 BRED Absolutely the best replica of the May shoe ring! Air Jordan 4 BRED not only reproduces the classic bull black and red dress, the texture of the cowboy leather upper, plus OG's full-fledged Nike Air heel and the first year shoe box, making these shoes look, handsome, affectionate, The perfect combination of classics! From the perspective of the physical objects obtained, the materials and workmanship are quite good. This time the volume of sales is not small, but the perfect restoration of OG color matching, the popularity is very high, so the difficulty of starting can not be underestimated. Buying or not buying depends largely on how good the top is.

Shoemaster PJ Tucker has already been released in advance and brought the game to the top. Trophy Room x Air Jordan 5 has finally confirmed the release date after warming up for a long time! It will be officially released on May 18th. The Trophy Room x Air Jordan 5 will bring two color schemes, which are presented in ice blue and red, respectively. The ice blue color is limited to 7000 pairs, while the red color is limited to F&F friends and relatives. 223 pairs. The two colors are very difficult to get started, the ice blue is refreshing and full of vitality, and the red color is quite a sense of "angry bull", which definitely makes Air Jordan 5's loyal fans irresistible!

2019 Sneakers Release ,After the first spy photos were exposed yesterday, Supreme x Air Jordan 14 was released in new form. This time, with a clearer and more comprehensive visual experience, you can see the Supreme lettering on the classic shield logo of the shoe body. The tongue has a punched texture that caters to the inside and outside of the shoe. The new Supreme x Jordan's new shoes feature white shoes with black arrows and Supreme elements in signature red, simple and eye-catching personality, definitely one of the popular items in this year's sneakers!

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