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The Air Jordan 1 born in 1984 has undoubtedly an unrivaled historical status! The bold color scheme ended the black and white dilemma of basketball shoes, and then continued to introduce new innovative designs every year, leading the development of shoes! Nowadays, AJ1's retro style and dazzling color matching have become the first choice for the sneakers' daily wear, but the stiff feelings of the past few decades have always been spit! Recently, a new 3M reflective Air Jordan 1 has emerged from the network. The reflective effect is different from the previous silver and white dress. The Nike Air Jordan 1 High Zoom presents a dazzling color similar to the blue color, while the different angles show different black and purple gradients. Color is definitely a big surprise in the near future! In addition, the details have changed dramatically! Most importantly, the insole can be seen to see the Zoom Air cushion embedded in the midsole, similar to the previous Nike Air FOG 1. Closer to the soles of the feet, so that the cushioning foot feels a qualitative leap, I am afraid there is not much problem in dealing with actual combat!

In the sneakers, the color scheme is very similar to Gucci's traditional green, red and black.Jordans 2019 Shoes be loved by the Gucci color name. The new Air Jordan 1 that has just been exposed is not spared! Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Gucci In addition to the intuitive and sturdy, more from the side Gucci This Italian luxury brand is deeply rooted! It is similar to the Air Jordan 1 Hi that was previously sold in 2012. However, this shoe's flying wing logo is black, not the red color of the year.

Nike React has been extremely popular since its launch, and the new products built around it have also demonstrated outstanding performance qualities. Recently, Nike has once again launched a new running shoe Nike React Sertu with this cushioning technology. The body is made of multi-textured leather stitching, the biggest highlight is the Multi woven setting of the body weave. The outstanding texture and the eye-catching color make it ideal for everyday wear. Details of the forefoot outside the Mini Swoosh with anti-hook settings, the tongue is made of lightweight sci-fi flap material, full of texture.

Sacai x Nike New season new products after several times of ticketing, the official confirmation of the release date, will be released next month. One of the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid Black Grey has recently released the latest cool. The black ash LDWaffle has the same color as the black color, and the Swoosh, toe and lace hole reinforcements are all decorated with gray, which brings a rich layering and cool. The ultra-multi-layer vulcanized rubber sole is a traditional white design with a black ash upper for avant-garde and sharp. The Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid is crafted from a sturdy, full-leather material with a double-layered sponge tongue that may not fit on the feet during the summer. But in the autumn and winter season, I believe it will replace LDWaffle and become the main shoe of the Sacai co-branded series. This color scheme that will debut in the fall is even more worth looking forward to.

Autumn is coming, camouflage design has always been the evergreen section of the autumn and winter seasons, and many popular new products each year have the theme of camouflage color matching. Previously we reported the camouflage Air Jordan Shoes has a new physical illustration! The Air Jordan 10 Camo upper is dressed in a large camouflage pattern, and the other part is made of black leather, which is exceptionally tough. The tongue position is marked with "AIR JORDAN 23", and the heel and sole are embellished with black and red Jumpman Logo, which shows the identity of Air Jordan. The biggest highlight is that the material of the vamp pattern is different, and it is similar to the military fabric, which greatly demonstrates the military style and strengthens the durability of the upper. The whole pair of shoes is outstanding in temperament, and the military atmosphere is strong. The tough shape is very suitable for autumn and winter wear.

Air Max 97 is called Nike's evergreen shoes. It has been loved by many sneaker players for many years, and the rise of the retro trend in the past two years has made this shoe attract attention. Recently, a new pair of color Nike Air Max 97 is coming soon. The body of the shoe is made of black leather, and the upper is complemented by silver accents. The effect of the contrast is very striking. The Nike Air Max 97 RFT GS is paired with the full Palm Air Max air cushion, while the outsole uses a more luxurious crystal base material, vintage and stylish. It is worth mentioning that this new color scheme uses a new form of lace buckle design, which avoids the problem that the Air Max 97 round laces are easy to loosen when walking.

The Air Jordan 1 Panda color, which was released in April this year, has achieved excellent market results once it is released. This time Nike continues to make a fuss about the color of the Panda, bringing this Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Panda color. Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Panda is different from the previous Panda version. This time, black fur and white leather are selected as the upper, and the dark floral embellishment is added to the side to keep the cute color of the panda color. The biggest highlight is that the outsole is designed with luminous light. The natural mint light green is very refreshing, and when the light is dim, the luminous effect is exposed, and the whole pair of shoes becomes very eye-catching.

As one of the classic shoes in the Air Max series, the Nike Air Max 98 has always been distinguished by its multi-color and upper stitching design. This time, it brings two new color schemes to give people a refreshing feeling. The two pairs of shoes are unique in the choice of color, one of which is a combination of yellow, white and blue, which is full of vitality and full of modernity, while the other pair is white, pink and red. The retro atmosphere is heavy and quite OG. The area of ​​concern is that the Air Max Logo on the tongue is replaced by a square Nike logo, injecting new elements into the entire pair of shoes. Atmospheric Air Max air cushions provide a comfortable foot feel that is perfect for everyday wear.

Summer has always been the world of Yeezy 350 V2, and Yeezy 700 has also launched a lot of color matching this summer. Yeezy 500 has already left us for a long time. However, this month is about to usher in a new color matching. Domestic official confirmation Yeezy 500 Bone White will be released this month, and the official map will be released at the same time. The Yeezy 500's consistent minimalist color scheme is designed in different shades of pure white and cream white. It is the most fresh color of the Yeezy 500. The upper is still made of suede and mesh, which brings a rich sense of layering. It is outlined by anti-light strips and dazzling at night. The midsole is equipped with adiPRENE+ cushioning technology to provide sufficient cushioning. The buttery outsole is also distinctive, and it fits perfectly with the upper. It’s been 8 months since the last color match. I think everyone is still looking forward to the new color scheme of Yeezy 500. Coupled with the unprecedented fresh color, and will soon enter the season of wearing Yeezy 500, I believe there will be a good market response.

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