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Can there be anything more awesome than a glittering diamond bangle on your wrist? But how do you know which bangle you should pick? Which diamond is worth its cost? To help you, we have a short diamond bangle buying guide with three top things you must check before buying a new one:

Quality of diamond

This follows the four Cs: cut, clarity, colour and carat. Highly valued diamonds must be cut precisely because the right cut brings out the diamond’s brilliance and finish. Diamonds are graded according to their clarity with ‘flawless standing for highest quality and Included #3 standing for lowest quality.

The clearer the diamond, the more valued it is. In fact, it should be colourless. Yellow and brown flecks lower the value, unless it’s a naturally occurring pink, red or blue diamond. Finally, comes the carat or the weight of the diamond.

Setting of the diamonds

When selecting a setting, you should ensure that it keeps the diamond secure in its place. Prong setting is most popular. But it can get snagged in clothes and hair. The bezel and flush settings are more viable alternatives. In the bezel setting, the diamond is enwrapped in the bangle metal, while in the flush setting, it is embedded in the bangle.

Metal of the bangle

Remember, the diamond is not the only precious part of the bangle. The metal — mostly gold — also adds to the value. Interestingly, lower karat gold (10K to 14K) is a better choice than high-karat gold. This is because the lower karat gold is generally tougher and will last you longer. The high karat gold, on the other hand, can bend and scratch easily. The best choice for a diamond bangle is platinum for its durability. White gold is another alternative, though not as valued as platinum.

Remember those old times when managing the connectivity between computers installed in your office would require you to hire the services of networking professionals on a regular basis. Although there are still a huge number of offices that still run on Local area networking, but there has been a huge shift in the approach of business owners, which is primarily due to Cloud computing that’s offering them more freedom in managing their networking issues on the go. The beauty of cloud computing is that it enables a cleaner and clutter free office with no wires needed to connect from one computer to another.      

Moreover, if your business is based in Miami, file sharing will also become a lot easier with Miami cloud computing because everything will be hosted on a cloud server online, and it would be accessed from anywhere by entering the correct login details. This allows business owners to forget about managing their own data servers, desktop computers and other networking devices installed in their office, and also the headache of fixing them in a hurry, when any of these systems fail at time when they are needed the most. In short, cloud computing gives you the freedom to cut down on your computer hardware and networking, and focus on the important things like getting more clients for your business.

If you are still undecided about embracing cloud computing for your business and putting your business on cloud, then you need to have a relook at the potential of this new opportunity, which definitely holds great promise for your business prospects in the future. And to do that, you can have a look at the Infographic furnished below on “importance-of-cloud-computing-in-todays-business-environment”, which will help you in better understanding the concept of cloud computing, and the benefits it can bring to your business in the long run.

When it comes to creating your brand presence in a relatively smaller target area, Banners still carry the most impact in comparison to all other tools of brand promotion and advertising. Although it might sound quite strange in this era of digital media, but studies show that messages conveyed on banners carry a better retention span than any other form of brand promotion including emails, text messages or multimedia messages sent through social networking sites.

One of the prime reasons behind this could be attributed to the subtlety with which banners convey their message to the people passing by. And just because these messages don’t ask for a response from the people in return, they often tend to linger in the back of the mind as well. Since the messages conveyed on social media platforms are more personally addressed and direct, they invariably end up extracting a response that may not be positive at times. In such a scenario, the promotion could also have a negative impact on the target customers.

That’s why; if you are looking to promote your business in a target market locally, it would be a smarter idea to go for Banners for this purpose. If you are planning to promote your business in Fort Lauderdale, then you can go for Banner Fort Lauderdale to get maximum mileage from this promotion activity. However, before you proceed with your banner design plans, it won’t be a bad idea to look at some of the most critical aspects banner design, which are explained in detail in the Infographic furnished below. Titled as “mistakes-to-avoid-when-designing-banners”, this Infographic will help you in understanding the true dynamics of a banner, and how it should be designed, so that it can attract maximum eyeballs every passing day. 


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