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Getting an EMSA or Emergency Medical Services Authority certificate is an important certification that is often required from healthcare professionals. It is also required of childcare professionals. The program teaches emergency care with health, safety and preventive care. You can easily learn this at an EMSA class. But you need to make sure that any such class meets the following requirements:

Approval: At the very least, theprogram must be approved by the State of California, Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). The American Heart Association do not come under EMSA. However, it also requires childcare training as per EMSA.

Duration: The EMSA training program mustbe of 16 hours of training. This program is split into two equal parts of 8 hours of training for each — First Aid and CPR training for 8 hours and preventive Health and Safety Training, which is also for 8 hours. The schedule timing is strictly observed, even when one is going in for retraining.

Online/offline courses: No online courses are allowed for childcare training. One must attend the class in person.

Trainer: The trainer must also have the right certification. CPR must be performed by someone who has been trained in an accredited EMSA class.

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