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A golf club is a club which is used to strike a golf ball in a game of golf. Each club is a collection of a streak for the grip and a club head. Club includes the collection of sticks called driver, woods, hybrid, irons and a pitching wedge.

Drivers are mainly used for long distances mainly in between 240 to 258 yards. Woods are also used to play for long distances but within the range from 205 to 217 yards. Next is hybrid which is played at an average distance of 201 yards. Irons are the most versatile class and played for short distances between 132 to 189 yards. Pitching wedge is mainly on greens to roll the ball into the hole.

The info-graphic titled “The Key Things to Know about Golf Clubs” describes various important key things about golf clubs. It tells about proper golf stance, how to grip the club, and what should be the average distances for golf clubs. For more information related to Golf Fort Lauderdale, check out the details mentioned below or can also log in to detailed information given on website.

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