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A bond is a type of insurance, issued by insurance companies called sureties which guarantee that the specific tasks will be fulfilled. It serves as a risk mitigation tool for states and localities.

For state regulatory agencies, commercial surety bonds are required before a company can be licensed to do business in an industry, providing protection against fraud, misrepresentation, and compensation of monetary loss. These bonds are required by federal and state courts. Commercial surety bonds can be used to guarantee performance of non-construction related contractual obligations. This type of guarantee is essential.

Types of Commercial Surety Bonds

Public official bonds

Public official bonds are the surety bonds that guarantee the performance of duty by a public official. Some popular types of public official bonds include treasurer bonds, tax collectors bonds, sheriffs bonds, judges bonds, court clerks bonds and notaries bonds.

License and permit bonds

License and permit bonds are often required by government and include all types of surety bonds. To give a few examples, a bond might be required to obtain contractors bonds, motor vehicle dealers bonds, sales tax bonds, employment agencies bonds and so on.

Judicial bonds

Judicial bonds also known as fiduciary bonds are generally used to describe different types of bonds that may involve court proceedings. Some of the most popular types of judicial bonds include administrators, executors, guardians, trustees, etc. These bonds defend the participants in legal matters.

Subdivision Bonds

This bond, guarantees their obligation to install improvements, such as - streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, sewer, drainage systems, etc.

Here is an infographic, which is meant to shortly describe each type of bond with examples.  Getting informed about the bonds can save a lot of time and trouble when closing a contract. Bonds are recommended as per the situation. 

Almost every person and every home will have a plumbing emergency and it can be scary. Learning how to handle a plumbing emergency will help minimize damage and frustration.  Plumbing emergencies can create panic, but if you keep your cool, you can help minimize the damage to your home. 

It is difficult to predict when you can face a plumbing issue. But there are some basic diy tips for sudden water leak to make sure that it does not quickly develop into something terrible.

The steps below will help you handle any Water Leak Miami, but don’t forget to call a professional plumber during the process.


Clogged Kitchen Sink

To unclog your kitchen sink use a plunger to cover the other drain for maximum force to remove the stubborn drain clogs.

Clogged Toilet

Clogs can be cleared with a good forced cup plunger.

Clogged Bathtub

Unclog your bathtub drain with a plunger. Put the plunger on the drain and use the other plunger to plug up the tub’s overflow. Keep plunging until the water drains.

Leaky Faucets and shower heads

Use pipe tape and a wrench to seal the connection, which will temporarily fix the leaky shower head and a leaking shower faucet.

These tips can help save you solve your plumbing emergency and save your home from the disaster. Learn the plumbing diy tips to tackle an emergency. Being prepared is the best way to successfully handle such situations.

As you can see, these tips will not solve your plumbing issue permanently, therefore it’s a good idea to tackle the situation with the diy tips till the professional help arrive.

Diamonds are known be a girl’s best friend and why not? It is beautiful and elegant piece of stone that is stunning and mesmerizes everyone. It has been known to be a symbol for eternal love. So, why not own an elegant diamond jewellery

Different forms of diamonds

There are different forms of diamonds that you can choose from. 

• Some diamonds are round and are quite in demand. They are classic gemstones and are also elegant.

• You can also choose a modern square cut diamond. It has a different look and style.

• A marquise is a form of diamond that was used by King Louise of Paris in 18th century. 

• A pear shape diamond looks a teardrop with one pointed corner and other side is rounded.

• Another form of diamond is in the shape of triangular. It is fashioned as a center stone. 

• Heart shaped diamond also a beautiful stone to wear on your finger as it is romantic and stylish.

• Another unique design is a square or rectangular shaped diamond cut with rounded corners. 

• You can also choose to have an Asscher which is also known as “Hall of Mirrors” which has optical illusions. 

• An emerald is one of the most common shapes used in diamond jewelry. It has smooth surface and has good clarity. 

How to choose a perfect diamond

While buying a diamond you need to evaluate a diamond.

• Check the color of the diamond. A diamond which is colorless has a great value and attractiveness. 

• The cut is equally important to have a perfect diamond. If the cut is fine, then it is brighter and appeals to the eye.

• The clarity of a diamond depends on the base that is being used to create an elegant diamond jewelry. 

• The price of a diamond depends on its weight. 

Most expensive diamonds

Not all diamonds come in affordable prices. Some of them are very expensive. The De Beers Centenary Diamond is one of the most the expensive diamond with an approximate price of $650 million. Then comes the Hope Diamond which is large and costs about $350 million. The Steinmetz Pink or Vivid Pink diamond comes at a price of $25 million. With a remarkable color and clarity, The Wittelsbach Diamond comes at a price of $16.4 mil-lion. The Heart of Eternity is a rare colored diamond which is around $16 million.

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