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John Hussman — the outspoken investor and former professor who's long predicted a stock collapse — thinks the market is in the midst of setting a classic trap that's mirrors speculative bubbles of the past.He notes the wide divergence between historical, run-of-the-mill stock valuations and where the S&P 500 currently trades today.Hussman says that the market's recent oversold condition has been “cleared.”Using Hussman's logic, a return to historical norm valuations would imply about a 57% plunge in stocks from their current levels.Click here for more BI Prime stories.To get more news about wikifx, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  After falling 30-plus percent in a little over a month, the S&P 500 clawed it's way back to just an 11% year-to-date drop.Some experts were encouraged by the market's stoicism and positive response to unprecedented monetary-easing efforts from central banks. Strategists at Goldman Sachs went as far as to declare that stocks have already bottomed for 2020, and boosted the firm's year-end forecast.It's safe to say that John Hussman — the former economics professor turned president of the Hussman Investment Trust — isn't prepared to give the same all-clear signal. He instead thinks current investor sentiment is falsely assuming that the ongoing market recovery will persist.“One of the characteristics of bear market periods is that they alternate between collapses to fresh spike lows, and advancing periods that serve to 'clear' the compressed, oversold condition of the market,” he penned in a recent client note.
  Hussman continued: “Having cleared the oversold condition that emerged on a few occasions in March, we now observe the fairly unusual combination of overbought conditions, renewed valuation extremes, and still unfavorable market internals (which we use to infer the inclination of investors toward speculation or risk-aversion).”That “unusual combination” is increasing Hussman's anxiety over the overall well-being of the market — one he thinks is setting a trap. His view is informed by the four-part “phases of a bubble” economic model popularized by renowned academic Jean-Paul Rodrigue in 2008, around the time of the last financial crisis. “The current position of the market is reminiscent of the 'return to normal' trap in Jean-Paul Rodrigue's familiar chart of speculative bubbles,” he said.For context, Hussman provided the following visualization of Rodrigue's chart. He argues that the “return to normal” fake-out is currently transpiring in the stock market — and warns of the massive drop that has historically followed.
The way Hussman sees it, the market's latest rally off the lows will likely be a short-lived, transient period which serves as a harbinger for an even further plunge.
  “Similar points during the 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 include May 2001, December 2007, and May 2008,” he said. “All three, in hindsight, had unfortunate consequences.”Hussman added: “My sense is that investors remain disoriented about where they actually are in the cycle.”In order to remind investors where stocks currently stand from a historical viewpoint, Hussman provides the following chart dating back to 1928. The blue line represents the S&P 500 index. The green line represents the market's historical norm valuation. And the red line represents the market's “durable” level.
“You'll notice that substantial market advances above that green valuation line were almost always transient, while 'durable' market advances typically represented upward moves toward historical valuation norms,” he said. “At present, run-of-the-mill valuations place the green line slightly below 1200 on the S&P 500 Index.”
  Applying Hussman's logic, in order for the S&P 500 to reach “run-on-the-mill” valuations, it would need to plummet about 57% from its current level. A notion that seems to coincide with Hussman's assessment of Rodrigue's speculative bubble chart above.Hussman notes that, in times like these, it's best to be patient. Jumping back into the market at a time when it's historically overvalued, internals are weak, and conditions are overbought could easily rout unprepared investors.“It's clear that investors are already eager to 'look over the valley' to an economic recovery,” he said. “The problem is that post-recession bull markets typically begin at valuations about 40% of those we observe at present.”Hussman's track recordFor the uninitiated, Hussman has repeatedly made headlines by predicting a stock-market decline exceeding 60% and forecasting a full decade of negative equity returns. And as the stock market has continued to grind mostly higher, he's persisted with his calls, undeterred.
  But before you dismiss Hussman as a wonky perma-bear, consider his track record, which he broke down in his latest blog post. Here are the arguments he lays outredicted in March 2000 that tech stocks would plunge 83%, then the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index lost an “improbably precise” 83% during a period from 2000 to 2002Predicted in 2000 that the S&P 500 would likely see negative total returns over the following decade, which it didPredicted in April 2007 that the S&P 500 could lose 40%, then it lost 55% in the subsequent collapse from 2007 to 2009In the end, the more evidence Hussman unearths around the stock market's unsustainable conditions, the more worried investors should get. Sure, there may still be returns to be realized in this market cycle, but at what point does the mounting risk of a crash become too unbearable?
An Ecuadorean woman in coronavirus-ravaged Guayaquil city learned on Friday that her sister was alive, weeks after cremating a misidentified body that health authorities had given her after proclaiming her sibling dead.To get more news about wikifx, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Alba Maruri, 74, was admitted to an intensive care unit on March 27 suffering from a high fever and difficulty breathing, and medical personnel told her family later that day that she had died, Maruri's sister Aura said by telephone.
  A week later, health authorities handed over to relatives what they thought were Maruri's remains. Health workers on Friday returned to the family's home in Guayaquil, the epicenter of Ecuador's outbreak.
  “An ambulance arrived with a doctor, a psychiatrist and the social worker. They apologized, and they tell us 'Your sister is alive,' and we were in shock,” said Aura Maruri. “It is a miracle of God what has happened.”
  Maruri was suspected to have contracted COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, but was never diagnosed with it because she was not tested.
  Her family was not able to visit her until Saturday because of curfew measures enacted to prevent the continued spread of the disease.
  Aura Maruri says she does not know what to do with the metal chest holding the ashes of the body delivered by mistake.
  “I couldn't sleep because I was afraid they would take her (remains) to those containers for the dead,” said Maruri, referring to refrigerated containers set up as mobile morgues as the pandemic spread through Guayaquil.
  “There was a failure by the hospital.”
  The incident underlines the difficulties facing Ecuador, where the coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed the health system and left sanitary workers struggling to collect and identify the burgeoning number of bodies.
  Reuters was unable immediately to obtain comment from Alba Maruri or from Abel Gilbert Ponton Hospital, where she is still being treated but is no longer in intensive care.
  Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevallos told reporters that case was under investigation, adding that health authorities guarantee the identification of corpses and that hospitals keep track of the deceased.
  The country has recorded nearly 23,000 cases of the coronavirus, 576 deaths, and another 1,060 people who are suspected to have died from it.
  But the government recognizes that the total number of deaths during the pandemic has been much higher than normal, and that many have died before being tested.
HSBC has said its first quarter profit almost halved from a year ago as it feels the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.To get more news about NAVER, you can visit wikifx news official website.
  Pre-tax profit for the period came in at $3.2bn (£2.6bn), down from $6.2bn for the same time in 2019.
  The bank increased its expectations of bad loans to $3bn due to the fallout from Covid-19 and as oil prices slump.
  Earlier this year HSBC said it would axe around 35,000 jobs as part of a major cost-cutting plan.
  The London-headquartered bank warned that the negative effect of the pandemic on the global economy would mean an increase in the number of bad loans.
  It also said that there would be sustained pressure on the bank's earnings as customer activity falls and lower central bank interest rates hit profitability.
  The bank also highlighted “a significant charge related to a corporate exposure in Singapore”.
In February HSBC said it would scale back its headcount from 235,000 to about 200,000 over the next three years.
  The move is part of the a restructuring programme as it targets $4.5bn of cost cuts by 2022.
  Last week the bank said it was pushing ahead with those restructuring plans but had halted job cuts to avoid disruption and leaving staff unable to find work elsewhere due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  Separately, in a note to employees earlier this month HSBC's chief executive Noel Quinn said he would donate a quarter of his base salary for the next six months to charity, which works out at £160,000. He will not take his annual cash bonus, which would have been up to £1.2m.
  Chief financial officer Ewen Stevenson said he would do the same, donating £93,000 and forgoing £706,000, while chairman Mark Tucker will donate his entire 2020 fee to charity, about £1.5m.
  It came as senior executives and board members at other major UK banks, including RBS and Lloyds, agreed to give up their bonuses for this year.
  The announcements were in response to calls from the Bank of England to restrict bonuses.

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How about we start this article by seeing how many times I can say the same thing?

Repetitiveness aside, I stand behind each point above. Too many people apply for a credit card and then blindly stick with the same card (for years!) for seemingly no reason. In fact, most people are actually leaving money on the table by using the wrong credit card!

Not to worry though, because in this article we’re laying out the three things you need to consider in order to find the perfect credit card for you. This perfect credit card is the card that maximizes your rewards based your unique situation and spending habits.
3 Steps to Find the Perfect Credit Card

1. Decide if an Annual Fee is Right for You

The first step in choosing a credit card is to decide between one with an annual fee and one with no annual fee.

The answer to this question is usually quite simple, but it requires some high level math. In general, low spenders (or someone who does not travel) should use a no annual fee credit card while high spenders (or frequent travelers) can benefit from annual fee credit cards.
Above is a very basic example, but it shows how you need to be a “high spender” in order to offset the annual fee associated with credit cards.

In the first example, the $180 earned with the annual fee card was offset by the $100 annual fee. You would have been better off earning 1.5% cash back (or $90) with the no annual fee card.

However, in the second example, you earn enough with the annual fee card ($360) to more than triple the annual fee. In this example, the clear winner is the annual fee credit card.
2. Choose Your Rewards Category

After deciding between an annual fee or no annual fee credit card, you need to decide on what rewards category you want.

Some cards simply offer cash back, while others offer travel points, hotel points, airline points, and many other types of rewards or points. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that the rewards category you choose are something that you will use.

If you don’t like to travel, don’t sign up for travel rewards cards!

On the other hand, if you are a frequent flier, then prioritizing an airline card will likely make sense for you.
3. Do the Math and Find the Perfect Card

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So Groupon Coupons teamed up with Rosetta Stone to help you reach your language-learning goals. Using their linguistic know-how and our savings savvy, we’ve put together a list of tips for the best way to learn Spanish (or any other language Rosetta Stone offers) for less. Sign up for one of Rosetta Stone's Unlimited Language packages—12 months, 24 months, or a lifetime subscription—and save up to 46%.
Set Realistic Goals
This is really important, especially for people who are new to the language. Rosetta Stone starts out teaching you basic vocabulary: man, woman, girl, boy, run, walk, water, milk, you get the idea. Every exercise builds on that basis, meaning you’ll spend a lot of time saying, writing, and picking those words out of multiple-choice options.

Experts suggest that beginners set a goal for the number of vocabulary words they want to learn each week. That will help keep you motivated to do the exercises even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll also want to set a longer-term goal, maybe you want to be able to order at a restaurant in Spanish or ask for directions from someone on the street. Both of these will take some time, but can help direct your learning.
Dedicate A Set Amount of Time
The hardest part about learning a new language is the amount of time it takes. The U.S. Foreign Service Institute estimates that it takes about 480 hours to reach basic proficiency in a new language. So it’s essential that you break that down into an hour a day or five hours per week, so you’re constantly challenging yourself and not getting discouraged.

Rosetta Stone redesigned its lessons, so users have more control over what they’re working on. The lessons are built around a core idea and then followed up with pronunciation, reading, listening, vocabulary, and grammar exercises. The new Your Plan system helps pick the lessons you're most interested in and gives you personalized alerts.

Use it Every Day
Language is an essential part of our lives, which is why children learn it so rapidly. Every time you go to put on your shoes, think zapatos or chaussures to help solidify the concepts. Thinking in the new language will also help you “translate” in your mind more quickly as you work your way toward fluency. Rosetta Stone’s app has fun scavenger-hunt style challenges that will help you do this with everyday objects.

Immerse Yourself in the Language
There are so many nuances and idioms in language that can really only be learned via exposure. All of Rosetta Stone’s lessons are available with an audio companion, so you can listen instead of stare at a screen the whole time. This will help you pick up on more natural pronunciation and sentence structure than reading alone.

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Last year, Target launched an awesome Cyber Monday deal with 15% off sitewide starting on the Sunday before Cyber Monday. Unfortunately, Target didn’t repeat that sitewide deal for Cyber Monday 2019, but the retailer is having an awesome Cyber Monday sale with major discounts on TVs, toys, and home goods. Amazon, Walmart, and many other retailers are having massive Cyber Monday sales too, of course.

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The dismal odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot — 1 in 302.5 million — means there are 302.5 million potential number combinations, or a little less than one combination for all 328 million people living in the U.S. Get more news about 彩票包网平台,you can vist loto98.com

Co-workers nationwide are scrambling to pool their money for a chance at the $1.6-billion Mega Millions jackpot drawing on Tuesday.At face value, it might sound like a good idea – by increasing the number of people playing, you slightly increase the odds of winning.

But if the team does beat the odds, getting the money you’ve been promised can get complicated.

Horror stories abound of workplace lottery pools gone wrong. In 2012, 12 coworkers in Illinois won a $118-million lottery drawing only to be sued by colleagues who came out of the woodwork after missing out on the action.

In 2009, Americo Lopes won a $38.5-million jackpot using a ticket he bought with five other construction workers in New Jersey. Instead of telling them, he quit his job and tried to keep all the money himself. And in 1999, Tonda Lynn, a Waffle House waitress, won about $10 million that her coworkers said was supposed to be shared with them. They sued, but Lynn won.

The problem is that most people don't expect to win, so they might forgo a few necessary precautions. But experts say, don't just throw caution to the wind just because the odds are against you.

“Everybody dreams of winning the lottery, but nobody is treating these pools like a $1.6-billion transaction,” said Jason Kurland, a partner at Rivkin Radler Attorneys at Law in New York. “But it could be, and if everything isn’t done right it could be a nightmare."To avoid complicated and sometimes lengthy legal situations, Kurland, who has consulted various lottery winners, said offices should be sure to do the following:There should be a clear leader who is responsible for accepting the money and buying the tickets, Kurland said. “That person could be the point of contact for the lottery commission if you win, and they should be responsible for getting in touch with a lottery lawyer" for the group, Kurland said.

“In a perfect world, you should have something signed by the group,” said Kurland. He said that an email that includes all the participating coworkers could suffice.

He said the email should include front and back photocopies of the tickets purchased, a list of everyone who paid and steps that will be taken should you win. Since you have to pay for lottery tickets with cash, Kurland said it’s easiest just to give cash to the leader.

“(Venmo) could add another layer of proof for who's involved," said Kurland. But, whichever you choose, he said, "be consistent.""Don't accept cash from certain people and digital payments from others. It defeats the purpose. It's simpler just to walk around and get $2 from everyone," Kurland said.

The first city in the world to go into lockdown due to the coronavirus is slowly returning to something that might be described as normal, after months of fear and anxiety.To get more news about coronavirus wuhan china, you can visit shine news official website.
But the scars of the viral outbreak which for 76 days shut down the Chinese city of Wuhan, and much of the surrounding Hubei province, lie just beneath the surface, with many citizens worried about a second outbreak and businesses still struggling to get back on their feet.
The first known cases of the virus were detected in Wuhan in mid-December. In the weeks that followed, case numbers spiked and from January 23 until April 8, residents were unable to leave the city as the Chinese government attempted to contain the outbreak.

But despite the attempts to halt the spread of the virus, it has now infected more than 2.6 million people worldwide.
In Wuhan though, the outbreak now appears to be largely under control, with no new cases or deaths reported in Hubei province as of the latest figures released Wednesday.A man wearing a face mask arrives to buy vegetables at a stall in Wuhan in China's central Hubei province on April 18.
Streets that only a few weeks ago were cordoned off behind police checkpoints are now open to traffic, while some public spaces such as the Wuhan Zoo are preparing to allow people back inside.
But that doesn't mean people are letting their guard down or all the restrictions have lifted. Walking down the street, almost everyone continues to practice social distancing, keeping at least 1.5 meters (five feet) apart.
Many stores, including major chains such as Starbucks, have moved their goods and services out onto the sidewalk to avoid the need for customers to congregate inside.
Mr Xu, a local business owner, whose convenience store is set up across from a Wuhan convention center, said since he reopened in April there had been very few customers. "The situation now is not very optimistic. Even after businesses reopened, there are not many people. I'm a bit worried about this," he said. To date, there have been 68,128 reported cases of the novel coronavirus in Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, claiming the lives of 4,512 people.
A sprawling metropolis, Wuhan is one of China's largest industrial and transport hubs, located on the banks of the Yangtze River. It has long been considered the economic engine of the country's central heartland.
The decision on January 23 to effectively seal off the city, closing all transport links, was without precedent. Slowly the restrictions became more strict, eventually banning citizens from making any non-essential trips out of their apartments.
Checkpoints were set up across the city to stop people leaving their homes, apart from short trips for medicine and groceries.
Some of these conditions are now familiar to millions of people across Asia, North America and Europe who have since been requested, or ordered, to stay at home to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
But just as Wuhan's lockdown predicted the path for hundreds of cities around the world, its reopening also offers a window into the difficult path ahead.
In the first quarter of the year alone, Hubei's economy shrank by almost 40%, according to state-run news agency Xinhua.
Some stores are now open and people are returning to public places, with mask-wearing Wuhan residents taking to the city's parks to go for walks, play badminton and even get haircuts courtesy of outdoor barbers.For every opened shopfront, there is another one shuttered. More than two weeks after the lockdown ended, restaurants still are only allowed to sell takeaway food while gyms remain closed.
On the streets, some citizens are still going outside in full protective gear, including plastic hazardous environment suits. When serving customers, some store owners not only wear face masks but also gloves.
Checking into their hotel, the CNN team were required to give their travel history and had their temperature taken, before being sprayed down with disinfectant by the hotel workers. In the elevator a tissue was provided to press the button.
One local driver told CNN that his private car hire business has been slow to recover since restrictions to leave the city eased on April 8.
"I've only had two passengers in two weeks," he said, asking we not use his name out of a growing concern for repercussions in speaking with foreign media.
Prior to the outbreak, he said he drove at least a dozen passengers a day, including many foreign diplomatic staff. But as the outbreak worsens, most countries have closed their consulates in Wuhan and evacuated their personnel. None have returned yet.
"Post lockdown I've spent as much time enjoying nature and the outdoors with with my family," the driver said, indicating a large hiking backpack sitting in his trunk. "We avoid crowds at the local parks. Instead we drive farther out."

China had 39 new confirmed cases on Sunday, the National Health Commission said, down from 46 a day earlier. All of them involved travellers arriving from abroad, many of whom are Chinese students returning home.To get more news about new coronavirus in china, you can visit shine news official website.

The city of Beijing expanded measures to contain imported infections, diverting all international flights arriving from Monday to other airports in other cities, including Shanghai and as far west as Xian, where passengers will undergo virus screening.

Beijing reported 10 new imported cases, the National Health Commission said on Monday, down from 13 a day earlier. Infections from abroad in the city hit an all-time high of 21 on March 18.

Shanghai and Guangzhou have also said all arriving international passengers will undergo tests to screen for the coronavirus, expanding a programme that previously only applied to those coming from heavily-affected countries.

Shanghai reported 10 new cases on Sunday, down from a record 14 a day earlier.Guangdong province saw seven new imported infections, Fujian had four and Jiangsu had two. Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong and Sichuan each saw just one case, bringing the total imported cases in China to 314 so far.

Mainland China saw no new locally transmitted infections.

In Wuhan, capital of central Hubei province, authorities have eased tough lockdown measures as the epicentre of the outbreak in China saw no new infection for the fifth day.Downtown Wuhan remains the only high-risk area in the province, with other cities and counties in Hubei are now classifed as low-risk.

Wuhan went into a virtual lockdown on Jan. 23 to contain the spread of the virus to the rest of China.

According to authorities on Sunday, people can enter the city if they are certified healthy and have no fever.Hubei residents who are in Wuhan can apply to leave the city, but they have to go through a test for the virus and if are certified healthy.

There is still no indication that Wuhan residents can leave the city for non-essential reasons.

As of Sunday, the total accumulated number of confirmed cases in mainland China stood at 81,093.The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China reached 3,270, up by nine from the previous day.

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