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There are 165 ball valve agents in 52 countries, currently mainly sold to South Africa, the commonwealth of independent states, Japan and South Korea, Egypt, the Middle East, South America, southeast Asia, North America, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
According to the development experience of export business of valve industry in our country in recent years, medium technical content can be mass produced with certain brand products, and the export trend is generally good. Some researchers predict that the growth rate of export of leading products will average around 25% in the next three years.
In addition, the unique talent strategy provides a strong guarantee to achieve the goal of becoming stronger and bigger. Forward-looking talent introduction continuously improves the knowledge structure of the talent team. In this way, in the field of portable center line butterfly valve training a number of scientific and technological backbone, established a strong machine, optical, electrical technology combined with innovative talent team.
It is not easy for the axial check valve industry to go from big to strong. First of all, China has to change from low-cost competitive advantage to quality and efficiency of competitive advantage, which is the cut-off valve by the big strong realistic choice. There may be nothing wrong with the low-cost strategy, but in the context of the current rigid increase in the cost of production factors, the manufacturing industry must transform from relying more on low labor cost to relying more on the quality of human capital and technological progress to achieve quality and efficiency development. To pursue development based on quality and efficiency, we need to take science and technology as the guide, take brand creation as the driving force, rely on innovation in technology, management, brand and business model, improve labor productivity, product quality and quality, enhance core competitiveness, and accelerate the transformation from speed to quality and from made in China to created in China.

International Baccalaureate (IB) students at Nord Anglia International School, Shanghai, Pudong once again achieve results that exceed the global average.To get more nais pudong, you can visit shine news official website.

This year the graduating class of 2016 surpasses this delivering the best IB result in the Schools 14 year history. With an average score of 36 points, this outshines the global average of 30 points and the Asian Pacific score of 33 points. To top this 24% of the class achieved 40 points and above compared to the world average of 5%. This group of students will now continue their educational journey at renowned universities worldwide.

Mrs. Wallace, Principal of NAIS Pudong said ‘I am immensely proud of the academic achievements of the IB graduating class of 2016. As a non-selective school, these results are a testament of, not only the hard work of the students, but the professionalism and dedication of the teaching and learning support staff who work to ensure the ambitions of each and every one of the our students are fully realised’.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) is on the cutting edge of educational research and as a result has developed a highly respected diploma programme for students aged 16 -19. It equips the modern student with a broad range of thinking, research, self-management, communication and social skills. At NAIS Pudong, we embrace the philosophical and pedagogical principles that underpin the IB Diploma Programme. Our highly regarded teachers, many of whom are also IB examiners, provide our students with a transformative concurrent learning experience. Our students leave NAIS Pudong balanced and equipped with the academic and life-skills that place them at a distinct advantage at university and beyond.

At Nord Anglia International School we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our students to enrich and extend their engagement with music. This week we were delighted to welcome Mr Ivan Bošnjak and Mr Željko Kertez, professional brass musicians to our school. They worked with our students and provided them with hands on learning experiences.
Beside the position of Principal Trombone at the the Croatian National Theatre, Ivan is an active soloist and chamber musician with the Busina Brass Quintet with which he has performed over 100 concerts in the last 10 years and visited Japan, Turkey, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, and many other countries. He appeared as soloist with orchestra and gave master classes for trombone and low brass on several occasions in Japan in 2010, 2012 and 2016 with Tokai Sagami High School Wind Orchestra and Tsuruoka Higashii Wind Band. Željko also holds the position at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. He is also active as a soloist and he appeared with the Tokai Sagami Wind Orchestra in Yokohama in 2013, where he performed the Artiunian Tuba Concerto with great success. He is engaged as conductor of the Kutina Municipal Brass Orchestra - Kresimir. Željko is an International Artist in Residence with the English Brass Academy founded by the famous trumpet player Paul Archibald, and from 2015 the artistic co-director of the Summer Brass Academy Šibenik, Croatia.

Our students were fortunate to participate in an interactive workshop, where they were able to learn the basics of brass technique. In addition, Ivan and Željko shared their experience of their learning journey to professional musicianship.

For many distance runners, finishing a competition means a drink of water and a long lie down. But at a women-only 10-kilometer road race to be held in Shanghai next month, participants will cross the finish line to cupcakes, makeovers, and the attentions of male models.To get more shanghai women, you can visit shine news official website.

Announced Monday, the Shanghai International Women’s Elite 10K Race will reward top runners with medals in the form of necklaces and offer hair and makeup services at the finish line to “highlight the female element of the race,” according to a Facebook post by state-owned newspaper People’s Daily.

“We’re hoping to bring women enjoyment and a sense of empowerment,” Zhou Jin, the general manager of race organizer Shanghai Donghao Lansheng Event Management Co. Ltd., said in a phone interview with Sixth Tone on Thursday. “We care about the particular needs of women,” she added. “They want to feel attractive in every moment, even while running.”

According to Shanghai International Marathon’s official account on social app WeChat, the women-only race is “tailored to our goddesses” and aims to “present women’s elegance, independence, and healthy and positive attitudes toward life.” The promotional post includes a visceral appeal to potential participants: “If you want a race with cotton swabs and hair ties in the toilets, if you want a super handsome male model putting a necklace on you after you finish ... this is your chance!”

But some netizens were quick to slam both the event organizer and the Party mouthpiece for their outdated attitudes toward gender. In a tweet that included a screenshot of its Facebook post, People’s Daily praised the competition for “allowing women runners to hold up ‘half the sky,’” a reference to Mao Zedong’s famous saying. “Phew, glad I saw this tweet,” one Twitter user commented below the post. “I’m not sure what I’d do with all my free time today if I weren’t permitted to hold up half the sky by People’s Daily & a marathon committee.” Another user quipped, “Will the track be paved with glitter and cuddly toys?”

Comments under the WeChat announcement, meanwhile, seemed to be more from excited men than offended women. “Beautiful girls need handsome boys’ company — pick me!” read the most upvoted comment. “Do these sisters need a guide dog? Bow-wowww,” read the one just below it. But Zhou dismissed these comments as harmless banter. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not respecting women,” she said. “Maybe they’re just jealous that there’s not a men-only event, or they’re overly eager to help women.”

This is not the first time People’s Daily has taken a tone-deaf approach to women in sports. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the newspaper published photo sets with titles like “Serbia vs. Brazil: Sexy Goddesses Among the Fans Catching Our Eye” and “Recap of the World Cup Quarterfinals: Which Country’s Female Fans Make the Best Eye Candy?” And after the Shanghai Pudong International Women’s Half Marathon in 2015, the publication ran an article that referred to a “slow-footed goddess striving not to be left behind” who drew spectators’ attention.

Other Chinese news outlets have fallen foul of feminists for their sports coverage, too. In September 2016, Sixth Tone reported on the backlash to the sports-focused Twitter account of Xinhua News Agency and its sexualized coverage of women after it posted an image of a Japanese volleyball player whose breasts had been edited to appear larger.

As for the hosts of China’s women-only road races, they can’t seem to get enough of feminine and heteronormative stereotypes. In 2016, the sports administration for Shanghai’s Pudong New Area described what participants in the women’s marathon had to look forward to at the finish line: “Over a dozen strikingly handsome foreign male models were waiting to present medals to the runners and hand them roses.”

If you cling to vape device and Zippo, then the Vaporesso Aurora Play is right for you! The Aurora Play looks like a Zippo lighter but is a sleek pod device. The Vaporesso Aurora Play adopts new PTF (Press To Fill) design, so you will refill the POD freely without taking it off. By pressing the fire key 3 times, you will adjust the power to High (12.5W)/Medium(10.5W)/Low(9W). The Aurora Play comes with two pods with 1.3Ω coil, to meet your different vaping needs

Here comes the replacement Vaoresso AURORA PLAY Pod Cartriedge which is designed for Vaporesso Aurora Play Zippo Pod system kit with 2ml e-juice capacity and 1.3ohm resistance. Plus the Press-To-Fill design, you can fill the Vaporesso Aurora Play pod with the ejuice fillign bottle easily. No mess, no leak and no worries!
The Vaporesso Aurora Play is an advanced pod device kit that features a flick-to-open top hinge design and integrates the OMNI Board Mini chipset that provides quick-charging capabilities and unmatched performance. oumier armadillo rda
A sleek and smooth treated polish gives the Aurora Play a high-quality look and feel.
Pod cartridges are available in 1.3ohm and 0.65ohm variants. Each pod cartridge features a 2mL E-Juice capacity.
Each pod features a innovative push-to-fill filling slot. Simply push your E-Juice bottle into the hole to conveniently fill the pod.
Powered by an internal 650mAh battery. Draw-activated firing system. u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

As a new member of Drag series, voopoo vape is characterized by pod system which is different from drag 2 and drag mini. Powered by 750mAh built-in battery, It has a cartridge with 1ml e-liquid capacity to meet your daily needs.

Drag Nano Pod Kit is not only a pod vape but also a necklace for easier carry-on. There are innovative designs including intelligent cold boot pattern with Gene Pod Chip inside which makes sure you to feel the original flavor at whole vaping and precise output power control system for stable vaping. By the way, the necklace is limited, only 500,000 pieces available for free.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Starter Kit is the first pod system of VOOPOO drag family. Powered by built-in 750 mAh battery and equipped with GENE pod chip to provide the best flavour for vaping lovers. The pod of DRAG Nano comes with 1.0ml refillable e- juice capacity and brand-new 1.8ohm coil which is optimized for nic-salts e-juice.

With mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping on the rise, an increasing number of manufacturers have offered devices catering toward this group. However, one of the advantages of the analog platform is compact discretion. Few MTL vaporizers have delivered the combo of small size and incredible power, until the voopoo vape System Starter Kit came along!

In short, the VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System is a miniature dynamo. This is an almost-astonishingly small vaporizer, measuring at 1.43 inches at the tallest and 0.59 inches at the widest. In other words, this is one of the few devices in the vaping retail market which can fit well inside the dimensions of your palm.

Not only that, VooPoo engineers incorporated premium-grade construction materials into the Drag Nano Pod. Expertly crafted with a specialized zinc-aluminum alloy, the Drag is hardly one in terms of weight, tipping the scales at a very scant 1.94 ounces. As such, you can wear the Drag around your neck, which many people have chosen to do.

Of course, one of the questions that come with a smaller-than-average vaporizer is functionality and capacity. Obviously, a larger-bodied device can incorporate more features and options into their system. But if you’re worried about missing out on valuable performance metrics, don’t! The VooPoo Drag Nano Pod System Starter Kit is wickedly engineered to deliver everything you want out of a compact MTL vaporizer.

Integrated within the VooPoo Drag Nano is 750 mAh battery, which sustains enthusiast with reliable, consistent performance. With this advanced power plant, you can expect to enjoy almost 350 puffs on a single (full) charge. Furthermore, the Drag Nano’s battery charges very quickly: we’re talking about an hour before the device is fully replenished.

An added convenience for the VooPoo Drag Nano is its battery-life indicator. When you have more than 60% or more life left, the Drag Nano emits a green light. In a range between 20% to 60%, the light turns blue. Finally, anything below 20% shows a red light. To avoid overstressing the battery, the Drag Nano Pod will automatically shut down if the red light flashes 10 times.

A profound feature within the vaporesso vape System is the groundbreaking GENE.Pod Chip. Underlining VooPoo premium vaporizers, the ability for engineers to integrate this advanced platform into the compact Nano is truly remarkable. And as you might imagine, this dynamo produces astounding results.

First, VooPoo Drag Nano Pod utilizes a brand-new technology called Intelligent Cold Boot Mode. Essentially, enthusiasts receive the same quality vape on the first hit that they do on their last. This way, there’s no “breaking-in” period associated with the Nano Pod. This level of consistency is unparalleled, especially within an ultra-compact vaporizer.

Second, the quality of those vapes, particularly for the MTL connoisseur, is both delectable and awe-striking. Thanks to the Nano Drag’s 1.8-ohm resistance atomizer coil, traditionalists can enjoy succulently tight draws, and rich, robust throat hit. Nothing mimics the analog platform quite like this Nano Pod. And now, it’s just as compact and portable!

New!! Oumier Bulk RTA & Oumier Armadillo RDA
oumier armadillo rda was collaboratively designed by Youtube reviewer VapnFagan, featuring a postless, dual coil build deck with 6.5ml of maximum juice capacity. The airflow can be adjusted by the bottom AFC ring, giving you optimal flavor. The RTA measures 28mm in diameter. This item also has other color to choose.
2. Original Oumier Armadillo RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Original Price $27.90, Now Only $18.99

Oumier Armadillo RDA, jointly designed by Oumier and Dimi Crazy Damper, is a dual coil rebuildable dripping atomizer with 24mm diameter. It comes with a unique build deck for dual coils building, which can be compatible with different sizes of coils. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the cap, bringing you optimal flavor. This item also has other color to choose.

Main Features:
* Unique build deck compatible with various sizes of coils.
* Adjustable side airflow.
* Notch design to prevent from being locked on the mod.

High-scoring forward Sam Kerr has been selected as captain of the Australian women's soccer team by new coach Ante Milicic.To get more australian women's soccer team, you can visit shine news official website.

Milicic, who took over as head coach after Alen Stajcic was fired under controversial circumstances last month, made the announcement Wednesday as the Matildas prepared for their first match against New Zealand in Sydney in the four-team Cup of Nations tournament.

Kerr, the Perth Glory captain in Australia's W-League and who also plays for Chicago Red Stars in the National Women's Soccer League, said she was surprised to be taking over from former co-captains Clare Polkinghorne and Lisa De Vanna.

"It's a massive honor," the 25-year-old Kerr said. Milicic "speaks in such a passionate way, it's quite uplifting ... it had me quite emotional when he asked me."

Milicic said Kerr was a leader and the ideal pick ahead of the Women's World Cup in France starting in June.

"Seeing her the last three or four days in camp, it really confirmed my thoughts," he said. "She's fearless ... she's ready at this moment to take this opportunity."

Kerr has scored 27 goals in 72 matches for Australia since 2009. She scored 16 goals for Chicago last season to lead the NWSL in goal-scoring for the second consecutive season and is the league's all-time leading scorer.

The Cup of Nations, which also includes Argentina and South Korea, is a warm-up tournament for the World Cup.

Argentina and South Korea meet ahead of the Australia-New Zealand match on Thursday. All four teams play again in Brisbane on Sunday and in Melbourne on March 6.

The back-to-back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, in collaboration with the Shoe Surgeon and Shoe Palace, unveiled limited-edition “Champion Tradition” shoes to commemorate the team’s six NBA Championships at an official launch event at Shoe Palace in Oakland. The reimagined Nike Jordan 1’s were handcrafted by sneaker designer and artist The Shoe Surgeon and will be raffled off with all proceeds benefiting the Warriors Community Foundation. The raffle, hosted by StockX, is now live and runs through Monday, March 4. Click HERE for your chance to score.To get more warrior sneakers, you can visit shine news official website.

At the launch event, Bay Area youth from a variety of Warriors Community Foundation beneficiaries were invited for an exclusive look at the Champion Tradition shoes, to take photos with the team’s six NBA Championship Trophies, and to listen to a panel of guests including Warriors Assistant General Manager and Vice President of GSW Sports Ventures Kirk Lacob; Dominic Ciambrone, also known as the Shoe Surgeon; Shoe Palace owner John Mersho; and Warriors forward Jordan Bell. Warriors center Damian Jones and forward Alfonzo McKinnie were also in attendance. For video from tonight’s event, CLICK HERE.

Surgeon Worldwide Inc., founded by Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone, is a full-service creative agency that specializes in lifestyle and sneaker design, customization and media services. The Shoe Surgeon is well-known for handcrafting one-of-one sneakers for athletes and celebrities alike, such as Pharrell Williams and LeBron James, and continues to push creative boundaries by partnering with notable brands such as Pizza Hut and Jack Daniels, to reimagine their iconic brand elements into luxury streetwear, impactful marketing activations and engaging branded experiences.

Shoe Palace first opened its doors in 1993. The family-owned business started as a single store in the Bay Area and has grown into a nationwide chain of locations and a website –. The Mersho family business is celebrated within its industry for its exceptional selection of footwear, apparel and accessories from culture leaders like Nike, Jordan Brand and Converse. In recent years the family run and operated company has branched out to create licensed products for iconic properties/franchises like 2Pac, Hello Kitty and the blockbuster motion picture, Justice League. Shoe Palace is dedicated to producing energy within its large and passionate fan base by delivering high quality products, exclusive collaborations, exciting retail activations and a premium shopping experience.

Detroit-based StockX launched in February 2016 and is the world's first "Stock Market of Things." StockX enables the buying and selling of high-demand consumer products, including sneakers, watches, handbags and streetwear. StockX connects buyers and sellers by the same methods as the world's stock markets – using anonymity and standardization to provide real-time market pricing and complete transparency. All products are physically inspected and authenticated by StockX. The StockX platform also supplies in-depth market analysis, individual portfolio tracking, historical sales and volume metrics.

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