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We're staying invested but locking the particular door from lt123's blog

Price is the just thing that matters.

Getting of upside near-term calling is driving the actual stock price high seeing that dealers cover shorts.

We're staying invested but locking the particular door.

We, like WE suppose most couples, spend a bundle of coffee talk time wondering concerning the future and where life will require us. Recently, we investigated downsizing now that the youngsters are off to school. We just can't seem to make financial sense associated with it. Everywhere we appearance, it appears that it will eventually cost us more money to have less house!?We have chose to stay put and fix some things throughout the house. Diane has never liked the curb appeal of home, but I liked so it was on the golf course. So, it makes sense to perk up the curb appeal and also make Diane happy. We got a brand new front door this 1 week. It really does enhance the look of the house. She was right - again. (Thank you, Mayford Opportunities. ) One additional bonus is that we have now a key to leading door! In all with our houses, we have lost every key into the front door. This will probably make things easier with these kids coming and going automatically schedule. At least today, we can lock that door.

This is might know about had to say two weeks ago in the blog post titled "Controlled Burn".

Price is the only thing that matters. Computers can't get this specific virus and (only) purchase because others are acquiring. Why do you consider Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is up a great deal of? People are buying it because other people are buying it. You don't have magic here. People have purchased into the cult regarding personality, but the reality usually computers are buying it before other computers and day time traders, while traders buy up out of your money options forcing others to acquire to cover their limited positions.

Price is the only factor at this point that matters. Forget the herpes virus and vaccines and redundancy numbers, the market depends upon price. If you are following along, we noted the (ab)use associated with call option buying that is driving markets higher. The news broke this kind of week of Masayoshi Kid of Softbank was the whale in the market buying call options through the billions. It worked for a little bit. Let's see if the Wall Street sharks will certainly make him pay. In the event his traders were shrewd, they are already released, but I doubt this. He has made some enemies using this trade technique.

We write our blog covering the week in bursts associated with notes as we observe important moments. This is our note from Tuesday on this past week. Too bad we didn't include it inside our blog last week.

Considerable feedback loop. Buying with upside near-term calls will be driving the underlying stock options price high as traders cover shorts. Why acquire calls? Your risk is limited. If the marketplace collapses, you don't own the stock. You just lose the smaller premium which you paid. Your risk is well know. There is going becoming a massive gap to that downside when this period reverts.

The tail has become wagging the dog as it was the options market this was vaulting the stock market place higher. It is really just March in reverse. Now that we will be at these valuations, there will probably be an air pocket underneath as being the call option buying trade should be unwound. Traders will prefer to keep the flow rising and are prepared to be able to fight. They might for a bit, but this is usually a logical place for industry to take a breather. September and October don't have the gentlest reputation inside markets. We have been bringing down risk recently as I didn't want to be left holding the case when this all crumbles apart. We stay long and don't escape because markets can go further than you believe they can easily. Suffice to say, i am staying invested but locking your door. Lock the front door.

Stay safe.
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