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Where to locate the great Yealink Distributor from Miadistribution's blog

Yealink is a worldwide terminal communication provider in unified communication which includes video conferencing systems, and voice communication systems. Yealink carries out its independent research and development to improve its communication system. They are looking for high productivity and easy collaboration. The company’s UC solutions of high quality improve the competitive advantages and work efficiency of clients in 100 countries.

Yealink is the world’s second largest SIP phone provider that provides SIP phones and communication systems with a lot of clarity. Yealink has a wide range of IP Desktop handsets, IP cordless phones, audio conferencing, video conferencing and accessories. Yealink Distributor Australia help in multi-tasking.

The benefits of Yealink W60P IP Phone

W60P of Yealink is a SIP cordless phone system of high performance. It is an ideal phone system for businesses of medium and small size. It can be paired with a minimum of 8 handsets like W52 H/W56H DECT of Yealink. Using Yealink handsets an office can function efficiently and superbly. There are no wiring troubles and expenses.

A single base can have 8 cordless handsets depending on the requirements of the office. You can get DECT radio coverage of up to 50m indoors and 300 meters outdoors. The technology used in Yealink DECT is based on CAT-iq2.0 which focuses on high-quality audio VoIP as well as low rate data applications. The LCD color display on the back is 2.4”.With a full charge battery, you can talk for 30 hours.

Yealink Handsets

Yealink has a whole range of handsets which include conference phones, T5 series phones, T4 series phones, T2 series phones, and DECT phones, W41P, W60P, W56P, W53P, and W52P.

W41P DECT is a desk phone for an office which is wireless. It is ideal for managers, executives and reception desk which require the experience of IP phone with extraordinary HD audio. It also requires a larger display and multiple large function keys.

W41P does not require physical network connections and extra deployment. The phone is built for tidiness and comfort with just one power cable. The phone has very good clarity and sophisticated HD voice technology. It has rich features like user interface with 2.7” graphical LCD display, 6 line key having LED indicators, and large keypad for easy and quick navigation. If you plug in the Yealink DD 10K DECT Dongle in the T41S IP phone, you can work with your DECT system and enhance the communication at the desk.

Yealink Meeting Server

In this world of advanced technology, a meeting room requires quality meeting management system. Yealink meeting server is a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure which is custom-made for HD video conferencing association in the workplace.

The meeting server is a powerful all in one which brings together a lot of features and services which include registrar server, MCU, directory server, meeting, and device management server, traversal server, WebRTC server, SIP Trunk, GK & H460 server, recording server, and Microsoft SIB (Lync). During communication, YMS connects people with crystal clear audio. It can bridge location across any distance.

If you are thinking of buying Yealink handsets for your office visit website, Miadistribution.com.au for selecting the best handsets.

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