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A Force Of One Torrent

When the detectives of an undercover police unit are being mysteriously killed by a martial artist, a professional kickboxer is hired to assist them. A team of undercover narcotics agents is conducting an investigation when things mysteriously begin to go haywire. One by one, the squad is eliminated by an assassin. To help discover the identity of the karate killer, the police enlist the aid of karate champion Matt Logan. As if Chick Norris with the blonde Mustache isn't dangerous enough, but at least he saved some of the hair off his back. Then again, he could have killed appointments just by having them look at it.

This is a good crime drama. it's about a new drug cartel whose deadly enforcer is a masked karate expert who has no problem killing anyone including cops to protect his boss' investment. The police force decides to bring in their own karate expert, Matt Logan played by the blonde mustache to train them.

The only problem with the movie is Chuck Norris is not kicking enough ass in it. Made during the time when Norris is known best as a Marshal arts master on level with the legendary Bruce Lee, Chuck barely throws a kick in this film.

Who wants to see that? Chuck Norris can't act and he knows he can't act so why would you down play the reason you hired him in the first place?

Like I said a good crime drama, but not worth anything if Chuck an'it ripping a man's heart out of his body with a kick, and you know he can do it, too! i liked this early Chuck Norris flick,although interestingly,Jennifer O'Neill got top billing,not Chuck.it not a masterpiece or anything,but it's entertaining,and the acting is decent enough.the story is not completely original,but i liked what they did with it.they made it interesting enough.it's well paced and not boring.on a side note,Pat E. Johnson(martial arts choreographer on all four Karate Kid films,and Ninth Degree black belt under Chuck Norris)co wrote the story and has a cameo as a karate match referee.anyway,in my opinion,you could do a lot worse with eighty five minutes or so of your time.for me,A Force of One is a 6/10 497e39180f

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