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BEIJING Wholesale Chelsea FC Jerseys , Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday called for more scientific and technological research in major disease prevention and control to improve people's well-being.

Li made the remarks at an annual ceremony held in Beijing to honor distinguished scientists and research achievements.

He also said that more efforts should be made in food safety and pollution control to enable people to live a better life.

Li called for building China's strength in science and technology and urged increasing basic scientific research, diversifying investment in research and development, boosting integration of basic and applied sciences and enhancing innovative ability.

Scientific and technological workers should tackle key and common technology and solve bottleneck problems in industrial development, said Li.

Li also called for further integrating scientific and technological innovation with the economy and accelerating the development of new technology Wholesale FC Barcelona Jerseys , new industry and new businesses.

At the ceremony, two Chinese scientists, explosives expert Wang Zeshan and virologist Hou Yunde, won the top science award.

Although logging is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States Wholesale FC Bayern Munich Jerseys , it is considered as one of the most hazardous businesses since there has been an increase in recorded fatalities related to this industry. Even though it is very risky, it is still is considered as a profitable market today. It is the primary source for many industries, including the thriving paper industry, lumber and fodder for animal feed. It is also used for other purposes such as the construction of buildings Wholesale FC Borussia Dortmund Jerseys , wood fuel and many other forestry-related products.

Environmental Concerns

Trees are essential for the survival of all living organisms. They supply oxygen to the atmosphere by converting carbon dioxide and other gases to sources that are useful for the environment. They are used to hold the earth in place to prevent soil erosion and they sustain water and soil resources through nutrient recycling. If this natural resource were to disappear from the earth, there would be so many adverse effects on the environment they would be too numerous to list. The logging industry in the past has damaged the rich biodiversity of the forest habitat which has led to a decrease in the wildlife population. Therefore, it is an environmental concern that the removal of trees could mean the destruction of animal habitats and heighten global warming.

Methods of Logging

There are several procedures that have been utilized for the purpose of harvesting wood, including tree-length Wholesale Inter Milan FC Jerseys , full-length and cut-to-length logging.

– Tree-length – Using this type of technique, trees are felled manually or mechanically using a chainsaw to cut them. After being felled, the removal of the branches and crowns will follow at the same location before the logs are transported to sawmill or lumberyards. Forestry trucks, such as feller bunchers or harvesters Wholesale Juventus FC Jerseys , often play an important role in de-limbing and bucking the wood. When this type of harvesting method is used, the entire tree is transported to the production plant. At the lumber yard, applicable parts are separated for other functional purposes. If the trunks are too long, they will be cut into three segments at the felling site for long distance transport.

– Full-length Logging – This technique involves cutting down the trees then transporting them to the roadside with branches and crowns intact. The transportation of the wood to the roadside is usually done by a grapple skidder. Full trees are then hauled to sawmills andor lumberyards for further processing. Sometimes de-limbing and de-barking are done at the roadside before they are transported to the mills.

– Cut-to-Length Logging – This technique is otherwise known as short-wood. Trees are felled Wholesale Leicester City FC Jerseys , bucked and de-limbed to several lengths. The trunks are measured and cut in the forest and are then piled up into the trucks which will transport them according to their functional use. They are cut into saw logs, lathe logs and pulpwood before they are ultimately transported to the processing plants. Forestry trucks such as harvesters and forwarders typically handle this method. Harvesters fell and de-limb the trunks while forwarders do the hauling to the roadside.

Fuel Consumption

The various types of logging procedures use several different forestry vehicles to efficiently finish a particular job. An exact comparison of the cut-to-length versus the tree-length methods is difficult to do, as the cut-to-length uses fewer pieces of equipment but consumes more fuel; the tree-length method uses less fuel but requires more overall equipment to finish the same job. The only comparison that is truly accurate is a comparison per cubic meter of the trees being cut. This comparison shows an overall monetary gain by using the cut-to-length version, primarily because fewer machines are needed for this operational procedure.


The logging industry is a fast-growing business regardless of the many risks involved. The procedures used to harvest wood are tree-length Wholesale Liverpool FC Jerseys , full-length and cut-to-length logging. Choosing one over the other is simply a matter of choice since there are advantages and disadvantages with each of the various methods. The removal of too many trees from the forest can cause environmental hazards as well as the possible loss of our wildlife. Regardless, this industry is a business that provides the consumer with many needed products. It is, therefore, important to know the impact of logging methods on the forest environment and make wise decisions regarding our natural resources!

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