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Final Fantasy XV - Important News will Come on Monday | Forum

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minai Nov 20 '16
Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on November 29, but before fans of Square Enix's iconic RPG can get their hands on the game, the company has some important news to share on Monday, November 21st. Final Fantasy XV Gil . Square Enix teased the upcoming announcement on the Final Fantasy XV Twitter account, which says the news will focus on further enhancements and upgrades the development team has added to the title in time for its release. The publisher doesn't go into specifics as to what these improvements are, although it says the team wanted to add extra features to the title, even though it recently went gold. Whatever these extra features are, they'll be available as an automatic download in time for the launch of Final Fantasy XV. Cheap FFXV Gil . Whether or not the extra features are included in the 7GB patch that's currently available is completely unknown at this time. If it isn't, then Final Fantasy XV players could be looking at quite a lengthy download once the game releases on November 29.
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