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What is dental implant?

An implanted tooth is the replacement of a missing tooth. This looks natural and you will not have to face any embarrassing situation regarding this tooth. Unlike any other dental procedure Tre Boston Jersey , this does not harm the bordering of the teeth. Instead the artificial tooth can provide support to the denture. The artificial tooth is also strong as real tooth. Missing tooth can result into jawbone loss. With artificial tooth implanted this possibility gets reduced. Tooth decay forces tooth loss and in this situation, you need an implanted tooth. However, there are few criteria for this dental service. Your jawbone and gum should be healthy enough to endure the implant. An expert Toronto dentist can check your teeth and provide you proper suggestions.

Different benefits of dental implant

Why should you opt for this dental service? You may wonder that. There are many advantages of dental implant. If you are suffering from embarrassment due to missing tooth, this treatment can reduce the feeling of awkwardness. Through dental implants your appearance will improve. Missing teeth forms speech impairment. Implanted tooth can reduce this disability. Teeth and eating goes hand in hand. Therefore, a missing tooth can form trouble in eating. To reduce this trouble, you can opt for dental implant. This treatment enhances the oral health. Dental implant does not distort the balance of your other teeth. The artificial tooth is long lasting. You should find a well known cosmetic dentistry Toronto if you have decided to opt for this treatment.

Can you opt for dental implant?

Before any treatment, you should ask this question. Every treatment requires some procedures and you should be able to withstand the intensity of the process. The question regarding the ability to endure the treatment should be placed before a competent doctor. Generally, this treatment does not require much preparation. If you are healthy, you can opt for this. A healthy gum is must for this treatment. Also you need to have sufficient jawbone to support the implant. If you have decided to go for this treatment, you need to visit the dentist and get your teeth checked frequently. Those who smoke a lot or suffer from illnesses like diabetes or heart problems should take the advice of the family dentist Toronto before this treatment.

The process

Dental implant requires a total teeth check like any other dental treatment. The dentist decides your need after reviewing the reports of this check up. After this a team of specialists form a plan for your treatment. When the plan is made a tiny titanium post is placed in the missing tooth socket. After this the dentist allows the bone to heal. The healing may take 12 weeks. The give time period later the bone holds the post firmly and then the dentists attach the artificial tooth connector. After this the artificial is attached.

Is it painful?
Many will want to know about the measure of pain involved in this treatment. However, you will be relieved to know that the treatment does inflict pain. You may have to tolerate slight discomfort. An experienced North York dentist will be able to spare you even the discomfort.

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