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Education is of great importance india. Earlier only education was confined in the traditional schools and colleges but now the mode of education is change with the change in time. With the increase in demand of education in the students but due to lack in time one cannot be able to pursue education from the regular stream distance education is the best method for them. Distance education is defined as the method of delivering lectures and to teach those students who are not present in the traditional schools but want to study. It may also be defined as the process to teach the students or people when there is distance between the learners and the one who provide education. Distance education mainly helps the people to study and do their job side by side. Individuals who due to any reason do not able to complete their studies can do with the help of distance education. Many universities in india now offers various correspondence courses by providing notes. The success of this lead to the establishment of Indira Gandhi open university which now becomes the world best university.

Due to the limitations of formals modes of education most of the people were attracted towards the correspondence studies. The meeting between the teachers and students are made after some time in these courses in order to have a communication between them. Distance education is also known as correspondence education. Students are given assignments which are being checked by the experts. Mainly distance education is useful for the individuals who want to get higher education but don’t want to go to school or college daily. Distance education also helps the individual to share their cultures as people from different communities take admission in the same course.

Earlier the study material was provided to the individual as printed media but now cd’s  Greg Gaines Jersey , radio ant many more. Distance education received recognition in about 1982 when the international council for correspondence education was renamed as council of distance education. In india there are two types of distance education institutes namely correspondence courses institute and open universities. After the introduction of distance education in india it get a good response. Distance education institutes offers about 400 courses and out of them 50 percent are professional courses. Earlier the motive of such universities is to provide education to the individuals but now with the change in time these type of institutes only want money nothing else than that. At this time some of the universities are demanding more fees than the regular courses.

The authorities must check that these institutes should only provide quality education to the individuals. They must also check that these learning institutes should not reduce to that institutes that only provide degrees. There should also be the availability of the libraries and laboratory for the higher studies that require lots of research. The international council must establish an inter university that should take care that whether all these universities are providing smooth education or not.

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     Education is of great importance india. Earlier only education was confined in the traditional schools and colleges but now the mode of educ...
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