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    Pros and Cons of Digital Pressure Gauges

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    Analog pressure gauges offer a variety of benefits, such as you can use them to measure rate changes, they don’t require power, and can be viewed from long distances. However, if their accuracy is compared with digital pressure gauges, they can’t compete with them. Nonetheless, in this write-up, we will look at some significant advantages and disadvantages of digital pressure gauges, and why you should consider getting Miljoco Gauges. Here we go!


    Speaking of digital pressure gauges, they are mostly used for temporary installations. They can be used for a variety of applications and industrial purposes, such as hydraulics/pneumatics, mechanical engineering, general service/test operations, pumps or compressors, etc. Manufacturers know that Miljoco pressure gauges might be needed to transport around in the intervening period, which is why they needed to be robust. Miljoco Gauges boast a well-designed battery housing, stainless steel case, and robust electronics that ensure the products’ longevity and reading accuracy.

    The reading that we see on digital pressure gauges displays is very fast and precise. In addition to that, they might even include international measurement units for reading, such as PSI, Bars, and MPa. Their displays are multi-functional and include a bar graph along with a drag pointer and a min/max memory feature that can be used to see or recall minimum or maximum pressure readings.

    Despite all these features, a digital pressure gauge can offer several other advantages; for example, they don’t require operator interpretation and include no parallax error. Additionally, they have back-lit capability, can give a steady reading in high vibration, and are easy to re-arrange.

    Miljoco is a leading supplier in the USA, well known for offering top-notch Miljoco thermometers, Miljoco gauges, Miljoco pressure gauges, including Miljoco low pressure gauges, and more. DAS Services can provide you with all the Miljoco components, whenever you need them.

    Cons of Digital Pressure Gauges

    Nothing is perfect in this world, including digital gauges, they have some flaws, such as incapability of reading oscillating values, can’t see full scale, and require power to function. However, you can power digital pressure gauges in multiple ways, including solar power, battery power, or loop power. Let’s take a brief look at them.

    Battery Power

    If you use a battery to power a digital pressure gauge, you will have to replace the battery after a certain period of time. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of using batteries to power a digital pressure gauge. However, it offers flexibility to use the device when you are in the field because you probably don’t have any other power source. You can use standard batteries to avoid this problem.

    Solar Power

    Solar-powered gauges always require sunlight to function and without it, they are useless. However, they are a great alternative to battery-powered digital gauges because operations no more require relying on batteries that eventually need to be replaced.

    Loop Power

    This method essentially requires wires and power supplies, which is a drawback. However, the benefit of loop power is that it can provide power to the unit as well as an analog output proportional to the pressure.

    Bottom Line

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    Pros and Cons of Digital Pressure Gauges

    This article genuinely published https://dasservicesincs.wistia.com/projects/ylcjw4bxt9

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