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Activity: Nov 7 '21

. Now 2K has had a opportunity to reflect

As of this moment, NBA 2K22 doesn't have an official launch date on Nintendo Switch, but we can find a good idea of when that may be by NBA 2K Coins considering past decades. NBA 2K21 was released on current gen platforms over two weeks prior to the next gen version ever came out. However, now that 2K has another season with next gen consoles, it is more likely we will see the game found on all platforms simultaneously. Based on NBA 2K's last couple release dates, it is safe to say NBA 2K22 will fall on Nintendo Switch between September 3, 2021 and September 10, 2021. The following gen versions of the title have much improved graphics and exclusive features like The City, current gen should sit at its usual price. NBA 2K21's pre orders went up on July 2, 2020, so enthusiasts can anticipate NBA 2K22's pre orders to go live around the time this year. You'll be able to pre order NBA 2K22 from all major retailers such as Amazon, GAME (UK), Gamestop, and also the Nintendo eShop.Sadly, Nintendo Switch players will likely not find new next gen game modes such as The Town on their own console. But, it's possible NBA 2K22 could improve existing manners like MyTEAM and MyPLAYER to compensate for it. With the arrival of 2K Sports' NBA 2K21, players got their first basketball simulation title for the next-generation consoles. It brought its fair share of advantages and negatives, as you may expect with the very first edition on next-gen platforms. Now 2K has had a opportunity to reflect and regroup ahead of the NBA 2K22 release. With that, fans will be hoping for a few updates and improved features. Ahead of the new sport, we give our predictions for potential NBA 2K22 cover star and when the game's release date might be. With NBA 2K21, fans got three different variations of the game, each with a distinct celebrity athlete on the cover. Last but certainly not least, the late great Kobe Bryant appeared on the Mamba Forever Edition. That leads to the NBA 2K22 cover star chances. One has to wonder if the new game will feature three cover stars including an All-Star about the normal Edition, younger star on the following Gen, and a legend on the opposite edition. According to the past period, a few celebrities that could make sense as cover athletes are the Lakers' LeBron James,'' Sixers' Joel Embiid, and Buy NBA 2K MT Suns' Devin Booker. As of this report, he also leads the league with 31.4 points per game. Steph also has the Warriors looking at a potential return to the playoffs. Other options for the Primary cover featuring the trio of Brooklyn Nets stars (Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant), Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, or the Wizards' Bradley Beal.